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Home How To Go About Making An Investment In A Mobile Home

Relatively inexpensive costs, the desire for less home maintenance, rising property taxes plus the need for security and personal safety have significantly contributed to the ever growing popularity of the mobile home. When choosing one, there are several factors one has to take into consideration.

Mobile Home Maintenance Parts - Home Shopping Factors

First and foremost, you should decide whether you want the home to be in a mobile home park where you actually rent the lot or opt for a residential mobile home community where you own the home and the lot. It is also important to note that in some parks, buying a lot may not actually transfer property rights in that particular lot. In this regard, it is important to fully understand and appreciate the rights that are transferred with the lot as well as the rules under which one must abide; this should include factors such as fees. It is worth noting that these regulations tend to differ from one state to the other and it is therefore advisable to acquaint yourself with the said rules in your state.  

How to get your financing can be quite problematic. This is because even with outstanding credit, getting financing for these homes is usually quite limited. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by going for homes that have been placed on real property. Always keep in mind that getting financing for a home that’s been placed on or is going to be placed on a rented land is extremely difficult to find since many lenders are apprehensive about loans on such homes. If you are a miltary veteran, single mother or teacher, there are programs available that will award grant money or low interest loans to help pay for housing.

Though dependent on the state, most states usually demand that every new mobile home should have a warranty of at least one year. Pursuant to the warranty, the dealer or manufacturer is expected to correct any substantial defects in work quality or materials which may appear within the first year of ownership. They are also expected to respond to the said defects within a specified period of time (usually 30 days) after receiving a written notification of the defect or claim. Make sure that the brand and dealer of choice are giving you a warranty that covers your home accordingly. 

It is also important to shop around when buying your home, be it a single wide or triple wide from a reputable dealer. Whenever you are in doubt, always go for well known brand names such as Champion, Titan, Fleetwood, Cavalier, Clayton etc. such brands usually invest significantly in their distribution channels and therefore getting a reliable dealer selling such brands is not very difficult. Make enquiries from current clients who are using a similar brand and get some insights about the home, its strong and weak points as well as the customer care support you are bound to get from the said dealer or manufacturer. 

When choosing a model or brand, it is important to take into account any alterations or additions you may intend to make on the home. You may want to make additions such as soundproofing, wall panels, rain gutters, larger windows, a storage closet or a porch. Some of these alterations can adversely affect the warranty and you therefore have to weigh the pros and cons of such additions. You should also check park rules and regulation as well as the local ordinances of where you stay and ensure that the alterations you intend to make are allowed. In the event that you need any permit, make sure you secure them prior to making any structural change on the home. 

If you are buying a used or second hand mobile home, then it is important to check on the age of the property before putting pen to paper. The main advantages of getting newer homes usually include high quality flooring, top of the range appliances, durable and yet stylish countertops amongst a long list of other merits. The demerits though are mainly financial; getting a new home is much more expensive. On the other hand, getting a well maintained second hand home will not only be economical, but in certain instances, the seller may also provide you with invaluable insights which you would otherwise not be able to get anywhere else. He or she may even suggest to you some of the most affordable mobile home maintenance parts stores where he or she has been purchasing high quality parts at an affordable price or even advice you on which stores to avoid before doing any upgrades. Investing in a whole home air fresher system will keep the home smelling good on a regular basis.

It is also important to check on the style and size of the home you want to buy. As much as the size may be dictated by the size of the family, it is also important to check on certain subtle issues such as frequency of use, storage, maintenance and home park fees. Even if you have a large family and therefore prefer a triple wide home, it will not make economic sense if you will be using the home very sparingly over the year, you may be better off getting a double wide or even a single wide home in such a scenario. It is also important to note that different sizes usually have different unique needs and maintenance requirements which can be quite substantial. 

You should also take into consideration the fact that unlike conventional homes which tend to appreciate in value over time, most manufactured homes tend to depreciate in value over the years. This point is quite profound if you are keen on purchasing the home as a long term investment. One of the best ways of ensuring that your home does increase or at the very least retain its value is by consistently maintaining it.

Finally, even though the home may be structurally intact, it is important to check on the energy efficiency of the unit. According to reports from the US Department of Energy, well thought improvements such as energy efficient doors and windows, caulking and insulated skirting and extra insulation may help you curb energy costs. Such upgrades also go a long way in adding both instant and long term value to the home. Before you purchase your home, make a point of talking with a contractor about possible upgrades or have him ascertain the energy efficiency of the unit before you sign any documents.

Mobile Home Maintenance Parts - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who sells mobile home parts?

A: There are lots of online stores as well as traditional brick and mortar stores that sell a wide variety of mobile home parts. As much as there are those specialized stores that tend to only sell parts from a particular manufacturer, most of them do offer a variety of options for their clients. In addition, it is highly recommended that you make your purchase from a well recognized store so as to get original mobile home parts for your home. It is also worth mentioning that there are stores that also specialize in selling used mobile home parts to their clients. Such parts typically don’t come with any warranty and the buyer should be aware of this when making a purchase. here are some of the well known stores in the market known for selling high quality mobile home maintenance parts;

- Menards

- Mobile Home Stuff Store

- Mobile Home Parts Store

Q: How do mobile home parks work?

A: A mobile home park is a designated piece of land that has been laid out to have more than two mobile homes. They are usually owned by individuals, trust, corporation or any other entity for the main purpose of generating revenue and profits for all owners and investors. The park works by charging mobile home owners rent for having their mobile homes located in the park. In most instances, they ask for a security deposit that’s around three times the monthly rent. However, they are expected to pay you the market based interest rate and also keep this money in a separate account. Most park owners also try to add value to the park by selling to tenants with bottled gas. in addition to the above, there are also several other rules and regulations which a tenant is expected to abide with such as giving a written notice to leave the park as well being fully aware of an eviction for nonpayment of rent.

Q: Are mobile home parks considered to be private property?

A: Yes. For all intents and purposes, the mobile home park is typically owned by a private entity and the property is thus not considered public. As a matter of fact, there are rules and regulations that one must comply with when using a mobile home park and not everyone is allowed to enter a mobile home park. In most instances, there are also agreements that both parties must sign before they start living in a mobile home park.

Q: Who sells mobile home bathtubs?

A: Mobile home bathtubs are some of the most important parts of a mobile home. These units are readily available in several stores in both online and brick and mortar stores all over the country. When choosing a bathtub, it is highly recommended that one chooses a bathtub made of an appropriate material and also chooses the correct bathtub size. It is important to remember that the sizes tend to differ from bathtubs used in traditional homes. some of the popular stores selling mobile home bathtubs include;

- Discount Mobile Home Parts

- Mobile Home Parts Store

Q: How are mobile home walls made?

A: Because of a controlled environment and efficient assembly line process, mobile homes are able to be constructed quickly and at a relatively low cost. Often, construction teams build the walls in a separate area and then attach the walls to the newly installed floor system. This means that the first stage involves constructing the steel frame which will support the walls. The floor joists can then be stalled and then the floor sheeted with some plywood before being tightly screwed down. At times the floors are also glued to avoid instances of squeaks. Once the walls have been attached, the construction team will then complete the ducting, wiring and plumbing. Just like the already fitted floor, studs which have been precut are then placed on a jig before being nailed. Next, some insulation is placed in between the studs. Once this has been done, the ends or edges of the studs are then coated with some liquid glue as well as precut panels which are made into the inside wall of the house are stapled into place. During this time, openings for electrical outlets and windows are cut. The assembly is then lifted slightly with a hoist and slowly moved to where it would be set onto the floor.

Q: How can one transfer a mobile home title?

A: When you are transferring ownership of your mobile home you must first transfer the title through the appropriate agency. This is typically the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or the Department of Housing. Transfer of title can be necessitated by a sale, addition of another family member to the title, deletion of a spouse or transfer of ownership to a living trust. This is usually done in a similar manner as a motor vehicle. To complete the process, the department must first receive the necessary paperwork which usually includes a statement or tax clearance form from the treasurer of the county in which the mobile home is located, clearly stating that all the personal property mobile home taxes have been fully paid and a certificate of title.

Q: Where can mobile homes that are up for sale be advertised?

A: There are numerous online sites which allow sellers to advertise their mobile homes. Most of these sites provide the seller with national as well as regional exposure. They also allow the seller and buyer to get the most appropriate deal as one can do some shopping and get a feel of how much he or she should be ready to buy or sell a mobile home. However, there are also manufacturers such as Clayton which have their own online sale sites. Such sites though have a disadvantage in that they don’t have very many options as most of such sites will only sell units from a single manufacturer. Sites such as MHVillage state the number of mobile homes they have sold in the past few months; 1318 mobile homes for a whopping $ 56,500,743. They also sell mobile homes from virtually every manufacturer. Some of the popular sites in this sector include the following;

- MHVillage

- Zillow

- Clayton Homes

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