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The Best Selling IPads That Are Worth Buying

It seems that laying your hands on an iPad is a quite a difficult task, now that the "Pro" line of iPads is on the market. The choice has to be made between a 12.9 inch, 9.7 inch, and 7.9 inch iPad. The choice is hard, for all of them have the same appeal. Let us try to find out and discover which one is the bestselling iPad that you should buy for your home or for on the go for doing things like online dating, shopping, social media, Youtube, etc.

If you already have an iPad, you will most likely be debating on which one among the iPad Air 2, the mini 2, or the roof blowing iPad Pro. The Air iPad line is friendlier when it comes to the needs you need to sort and the pocket too. Since the price may not be your fundamental issue, let us take a look on all the iPads available.

Best Selling IPads - 4 Choices

The iPad Pro 9.7 inch

Topping the list, the 9.7 inch iPad Pro spots the True tone display. The A9X processor makes it the best tablet to buy right now. It saves the clumsiness of a computer and comes in handy if you are looking for the best. You will enjoy the incredible sensitivity to light that automatically adjusts the screen temperature to match the light in your environment. The true tone feature can be turned on and off though.

You will love the resolution that comes with an incredible 2048 x1536 resolution. You will find yourself hypnotized by the sound quality that comes off with the optimal sound system quality produced by the four speakers. Not to forget that the iPad-Pro runs on an A9X model processor.

What is more with the iPad Pro is that it works well with the stylus Pencil and it connects to keyboards easily with an attractive connector? This spares you all the Bluetooth hullabaloo that other tablets put you through. You will also have the chance to hype on social media, seeing that iPad Pro offers you a 12-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. The iPad Pro offers you three storage choices: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. You will enjoy the 9-10 hours battery life that runs the Pro. The tablet 0.96 pounds and measures 9.4 inch by 6.6 by 0.24 inches.

The iPad

Apple tried to recreate the interest for tablets by coming in with the iPad. Yes, it is just called iPad. The iPad came with a level entry price to help in stimulating interest. The iPad feels as other best selling iPad models would feel.

The thing is that it comes off with way less cool features and capabilities that the iPad Pro tablets have. We can attribute it to the difference in price. The screen display is at 2048 x 1536 resolution and is 9.7 inches. It is lighter than the iPad Pro, weighing slightly over 1 pound.

The iPad features an A9 processor that comes with a 64bit architecture, with a rear camera of 8 megapixel and a 1.2-megapixel camera. The RAM comes with 2GB and a 10-hour active life battery.

The model comes with an option of 128GB or 32GB storage, and you can find a space gray, silver or gold color.

The iPad Air 2

They say tooth for a tooth; I say a coin for a coin. Of the iPad craze bunch, the iPad Air 2 model is one of the best selling iPad models when relating the product to the price. It also borrows most of the features it has from the line of iPad Pro thus making it a knight on its own. The Air 2 boasts of a 9.7-inch retina display that features a 2048 by 1536 resolution.

You will find it lighter, with less than a pound. The speed is quite slow, but in good condition, with the A8X processor, it runs on. You will also love the 8MP rear camera that dons an f/2.4 aperture. The Air 2 has a capability of recording a 1080 HD video. The color options are three, and you can either pick the 16GB, 64GB, or even 128GB storage.

12.9 inch iPad Pro

First is the large 12.9-inch display that scorns your laptop as well as desktop PC. You will then have a feast for the 32 GB, 128GB and 256GB choice of memory space. The 1.7-pound weight that checks in with a 12 x 8.68 x 0.27 is an irresistible treat that you cannot resist. You will also love the super-fast A9X processor that sits behind the 2732 x 2048 pixel display.

You will love the not too high 8MP rear camera which comes with a recording capacity for HD 1080p videos.

With these four options, you will have the best option for whatever you need. The truth is all the iPad tablets are unique, and they all have a point on which they knock off users differently. So find which one of these best selling iPad models fit your needs, then go for it.

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