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Gutter Cleaning Robots - How To Clean With Ease

For both conventional and manufactured or mobile homes, gutters are important installations for any roofing system. gutters help protect your home’s roof by providing a drainage channel through which rainwater will flow and get eliminated to reduce the chances of causing leaks. These important roofing additions also help improve your home’s exterior beauty from the top. Especially when combined with downspouts, they also help minimize staining on walls, which would have been caused by splashing water as it hits the ground from the roof. However, gutters are also prone to getting dirty and accumulating debris from leaf foliage, dust, and other objects from the environment.

To keep your mobile home gutters in good condition, they require being regularly cleaned and maintained. In this case, you can opt to hire a gutter cleaning service or go the DIY way. Hiring can be a bit costly and you can save on costs by cleaning your home’s gutters for yourself, especially if time happens to be on your side. If you decide to do it yourself, Gutter Cleaning Robots and automated gutter cleaning tools will save you quite a lot of time and risk. But how do you know the best robot gutter cleaner for your home? Here are a few things to consider when out there shopping for an automatic robot gutter cleaning machine.

Gutter Cleaning Robots - Five Tips

1. Cleaning Mechanism

Most robotic gutter cleaners come with a rotating auger comprised of rubber paddles and a cleaning brush. The rotating auger’s main role is to remove gutter debris, clogs, and sludge as the brushes keep the surfaces clean. You would also want to consider a model with automatic settings input and remote control operation. Specifically, be sure to consider the distance within which you can operate the remote control.

2. Power and Battery Life

With regards to power, most automatic robotic gutter cleaners are electric-powered. These can either be corded or cordless battery-powered units. Cordless options are less limiting in terms of cleaning distance and the fact that they are battery-powered increases convenience. However, be sure to consider how long the battery lasts on a single charge and compare this with the size/length of your home’s gutters. You do not want a model that will run out of battery midway through the cleaning process.

3. Size and Weight Convenience

The robot’s size and weight are two other important factors to look at. You do not want a model too bulky or heavy, such that portability or carrying the device up the ladder becomes a stressful event. it is important to ensure that the device will also fit well into your gutter space before buying.

4. Brand and Model Performance Ratings

Since there are many different models of robot gutter cleaners from a wide range of manufacturers, it is important to look at reviews and performance ratings before buying a particular product. Speaking of performance, some models are known to be more efficient and effective than others. Some of the best models in the market can clean a 60-foot gutter within as little as 5-10 minutes without getting stuck or requiring manual intervention. It is also important to consider the operational noise produced by the unit, as well as the gutter material it said to work best with before buying.

5. Pricing and Budget

Last but not least, you would consider a model whose price falls within your budget range. Different brands and models of gutter cleaning tools are priced differently, based on factors such as size, brand, features, and other model specifics. Also, it might depend on where you choose to get the product from. This calls for some research and comparison checks before buying. Do not forget to look for stores with discounts and coupons on particular models. All in all, be sure to invest in something that will reciprocate value for money. Most of the available models range between $120 and $500. Below are a few recommendable gutter cleaning robots options you can look at according to most reviews, consumer testimonials and ratings online.

Gutter Cleaning Robots  - Product Examples

1: Looj iRobot 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot
• Buy From:
• Price: $249.00
• Link:

2: EZsmart Gutter Cleaning Tool (Ladder-Free Operation with 120mph blower)
• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $149.00
• Link:

3: iRobot Looj Combo Gutter Cleaning Robot
• Buy From: Home depot
• Price: $399.99 /each
• Link:

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