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5 Simple Steps To Organizing Your Closet

An well-organized closet will bring you a sense of joy and relief when it makes it possible to find that pillowcase or sweater easily. But on the other hand, a messy closet is an eyesore and doesn't contribute to anyone's happiness. So right now, we want to organize our closet so that everything falls into the right place. Fortunately, the project doesn't always have to cost a fortune to get it rolling.

These are closet organizing steps you must follow if you want to spruce up that closet to create more space for your items:

1) Take note of what you already have inside your closet

Believe it or not, it's difficult to organize a closet if it still has items that haven't been touched for years. It may sound like a painful process, however, unloading all content in your closet will give a clue as to what's lurking in the recesses. You could even donate or toss items so you can start from the scratch. The reason why you're advised to unload all your closet items is because it will liberate your closet from items you don't find very useful, and when this happens, you can focus on items that are valuable to you.

Once you've established the things you find useful and those you want to throw away, adjust your closet shelves so you can begin organizing everything else conveniently.

2) Make use of door space and empty wall

There is still so much space in your closet than you can imagine. For instance, the space behind closet doors and walls are key real estate opportunities for hooks, towels, or dowels.


Since this project will require you to invest in hardware pieces, keep in mind that those pieces don't always have to be fancy to work with. You might already have all the hardware you need. Only be sure that your hardware is correctly sized to contain the total weight of clothing items.

3) Add lighting

You can't locate things easily without lighting in your closet. Unfortunately, majority of the closet owners out there don't have lighting in their closets.

Newer homes may feature an overhead light bulb that provides some light to illuminate your closet space. However, older homes don't have these bulbs in many cases. Therefore, if you don't have an efficient lighting system already installed inside your closet, you're going to hire an electrician to install cute shelf lighting (though this doesn't come very cheaply).

Nevertheless, if you believe the cost is too high, use screw-in-battery operated LED bulbs on every shelf to provide sufficient light inside your closet. This will serve the same purpose at half the price.

4) Corral-like items put together

Your bedroom closet may resemble your desk files. In the event that those files weren't organized in terms of client name, date or order of urgency, you probably wouldn't achieve anything at the workplace.

Likewise, the same would be true with your closet, though you're using it with a slightly different motive. A good closet should provide tools to look splendid and help you come out of your house when looking at your best.

Therefore, if you want to organize items correctly, you should group them according to color, style, occasion and uses. This way, you will speed up your morning search for clothing to put on. It will even save you time when you're late in the morning and rushing to your workplace. So you can see that a neatly-organized closet even saves from the risk of getting fired at your workplace.

5) Invest in good quality and matching hangers

When your hangers are uniform, you will find it easier to locate garments since it keeps every piece of clothing along the same line. Furthermore, it also eliminates that chaotic look associated with a closet that has too many dissimilar hangers.


Make sure you eliminate those dry-cleaner wired hangers that you've accumulated inside your closet for years. These hangers are also detrimental to your clothing since they make dents on their shoulders, and this makes them lose shape with time.

Focus on good-quality hangers made of wood, metal or plastic. And regardless of what you choose, ensure it can sustain all your clothing pieces as you had intended.

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