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How To Stay Safe While Online Dating: Avoid The Catfishers, Scam Artists & Others Wishing To Do You Harm

Gone are the days when hooking up in the parks, those first dates when you could just watch the sunset together and really have fun doing it. There is a noticeable change that has been brought about by the internet, especially social networking sites. It is now very possible to establish a personal relationship over the internet from the comfort of your own home on your IPAD. Online dating can prove to be a fun and exciting experience, whether you’re just looking for the love of your life or you’re someone who is more of a traveler, adventurer, or business person who likes meeting new people. The good thing is that there are quite a number of online dating sites out three, some of which allow you to establish and maintain a profile at a monthly subscription fee, whereas other are free to use.

Truth be told, there are various risks associated with online dating. There are pedophiles on the loose, gold diggers, health risks, and personal endangerment risks, just to name a few. However, there are ways or measures you can observe to avoid jeopardizing your safety when online dating. With your safety being our main concern in this article, below are some ways how to stay safe while dating online.

How To Stay Safe While Online Dating - Always Choose a Reputable Service

This is a sure way to protect you from the many scammers and fraudsters. You are also guaranteed of safe chats and safe phone calls. Having a reputable dating service also guarantees you of some sort of emotional safety and that you are free from stalkers. It can be more advisable to invest in a paid dating service, which shows you that the members on the site have some level of seriousness in what they are looking for.

Don’t Be Fooled By a Nice Profile

The only information you have of your date is the one on their profile. It’s important to get to know them well. Compare the traits perceived from their profile with the ones on display and you are able to know if you are dealing with a pretender. First impressions can fool you but with a keen eye and attention to detail are your best weapons.

Don’t Keep Your Meeting Too Private

You’ve already mingled and established a connection with a man or woman from the online dating site and after a few days or weeks, things go well and the two of you decide it’s time to meet up. Rule of the thumb is, choose the first meet up venue very wisely with your safety at the back of your mind. You are more vulnerable to any sort of harm in secluded areas. You would be safer in public places like in a mall, coffee shop or in a nice restaurant. If meeting for the first time, avoid invites to 'their’ home or your home. Until the point you feel like you’ve come to know 'them’, meet in public places. To be more specific, go for a neutral meeting place. More advisable, inform a friend if need be, your closest friend about your date and also, the meeting point if it’s the first time yo0u guys are hooking up. Don’t feel restricted on updating your friend of the progress.

Trust Your Instincts

You can always opt out of the online dating if in doubt of the online date. You are under no one’s obligations to meet this someone. It’s also very important not to be in any form of a rush. Sometimes the experience of meeting someone new can cloud your judgment leaving you more vulnerable. Don’t give too much detail about yourself on the first meeting. Of importance though, do your research well. Most dating sites cannot perform security checks, so you have no background whatsoever pertaining to the date. Check to see if the date in on other social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Help Is Available

There are so many reported cases of rape, scam, and even injuries as a result of online dating. If any form of the above happens to you, it’s important to know that there is help available. There are counselors who are willing to listen and guide you. The police are there to put these culprits behind bars and then there is you who will ensure that any form of injury, sexual advancements that were against your will are reported.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was online dating invented?

A: The principal web-based dating service ( was made in 1995 and, starting at 2002. The site has had over 26.6 million individuals enlisted. The administrations were at first exceptionally basic and just coordinated individuals in light of profiles of different preferences. However, now many dating administrations have advanced, having particular prerequisites for enrollments. In America alone, a huge number of Web dating administrations exist, and every one of them has a similar reason, to give everybody on the planet the opportunity and adaptability to date who they need and when they need.

Q: Is there anywhere to report internet dating scams?

A: One request for money leads to another, and deferrals, as well as frustrations, will take after. At last, the cash will be obliged and the individual you thought you knew will disappear. Experts recommend that you report relationship scams to The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center, The site, The Federal Trade Commission or even your state Attorney General

Q: What dating site is best?

A: is the most famous web based dating website in the U.S., gloating the biggest paid client base broadly and locally, in addition to an unparalleled achievement rate for its clients. The site is currently offering a free perusing choice that empowers new potential individuals to utilize free for 3 days.

Q: Are there any celebrities who ever admitted to have gone the online dating route?

A: Lily Allen joined to utilize Tinder despite the fact that she was wedded with kids! There's no dedication in the application, obviously, so maybe she just spends throughout the day judging individuals who wish they could date somebody as renowned as her. Lindsay Lohan was a genuinely early adopter of Tinder. She posted a photo uncovering that she utilized the application when she discovered her sibling on Tinder and simply needed to share. Adele allegedly utilized eHarmony when she said a final farewell to some time recently. However, since she was at that point acclaimed, it demonstrated a troublesome ordeal. She chose not to utilize photographs of herself, of which any individual who utilizes internet dating knows it's difficult to truly succumb to somebody without pictures.

Q: Who owns dating sites?

A: I.A.C. is the parent organization of Match Media Gathering, and the People meet accumulation of dating sites. Owned by the parent organization IAC, Match Media Gathering runs,, OKcupid,, and the entire suite of People Media sites. Unlike most other dating destinations, eHarmony is an exclusive organization that has one site as its core interest. In any case, it is one of the top dating sites in North America.

Q: What's good about online dating?

A: Regardless of whether you go through the free identity profile at eHarmony, or the act of rounding out a concise self-synopsis on OKCupid or, taking a seat and making sense of your identity and where you fit inside the more extensive plan of things is a smart thought. Having the capacity to take a seat with a complete stranger and have a discussion is an extraordinary expertise to have, and one that will work well for you both professionally and actually. It makes it that substantially less demanding on a genuine date on the off chance that you've had a progression of "fake" dates to bone up on your abilities. In spite of recessionary financial matters, a person will even now likely pay for a drink. Easygoing dating enables you to engage various men in the meantime without the disgrace of being known as a whore.

Q: What's bad about online dating?

A: Danger of meeting an unscrupulous individual who made a profile with a dating web page just to scam other users, revealing to them that they need assistance and would acknowledge in the event that they could collaborate with money. Paying your participation expense and afterward understanding the site has insufficient individuals, so it will be extremely hard to discover someone. You may wind up having a terrible organization, somebody who may misdirect you, somebody who may abuse you. They tend to remain online for long stretches, skipping suppers and rest and maintaining a strategic distance from their duties. These people additionally begin to float away from family and companions and even begin encountering mood swings. 

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