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Locking Gun Cabinets - How To Choose The Right One

For a responsible gun owner, safe storage for firearms and ammunition is one of the most important rules. You do not want your kid or an unauthorized person to gain access to your precious weapon, yet you want it to be somewhere you can reach it quick and easy whenever the need to protect yourself arises in your home. This is where a lockable gun cabinet comes in handy. Locking gun cabinets are different from gun safes in that with a gun cabinet, you not only get to safely store your weapon(s) but you can also display them safely. Whether it’s just for one or several guns, selecting a suitable gun cabinet deserves paying attention to some important factors. Here are the crucial factors to consider when choosing a locking gun cabinet.

Locking Gun Cabinets - Selection Factors

1. Cabinet Size and Number of Guns

Locking gun cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes, including customer and made to measure options depending on where you buy one. Depending on the number of guns you want to store in your cabinet and the available amount of space you have, you will want to determine the appropriate size of the cabinet to go for. The cabinet’s interior should be able to hold all your guns and ammunition, unless, of course, you have no problem going for more than one cabinet in case you have a collection of weapons. It is also important to weigh your options and determine whether accessories and shelves can be added to the cabinet’s interior. Whether you’re keeping the cabinet in your home or office, you will also want to carefully measure the space or area where you intend to place the cabinet so that you know what fits when you go shopping.

2. How Is/Are Your Gun(s) Stored?

There are also cabinets that are suitable and ideal where space is limited. These can be ideal if you have a long gun that can be broken down for ease of storage. In such a case, you would want to go for a breakdown cabinet, either single lock or double lock.

3. Ease of Operation

A good lockable gun cabinet should also be easy and quick to open and close. Such a cabinet should have hinges, locks, and handles that allow easy operation. This can be quite important in cases where you need to swiftly access your weapon to defend yourself against an intruder or some sort of life-threatening danger.

4. Type of Gun

Before buying or choosing a gun cabinet, it is also important to consider the type(s) of the gun(s) you need to store in the cabinet. In most cases, rifles and shotguns can fit in standard gun cabinets. However, a scoped rifle may require you to go for a cabinet with extra depth. For long guns such as muzzleloaders, some extra height may be required. You may want to consider a cabinet whose top compartment lacks shelves.

5. Cabinet Security

The main essence of locking gun cabinets is to provide extra security and ensure safety with guns. Your cabinet should thus be able to lock securely to prevent unauthorized access or theft. Go for a cabinet with vault locking technology for the best security assurance. Also, some of the best lockable gun cabinets come with double skinned doors and other security features such as fire resistance and anti-jemmy return. Ensure that the cabinet is police-approved and meets the security requirements specified in the act.

6. Fitting and installation

Last but not least, you will want to think about fitting and installation. Most locking gun cabinets are installed on walls or the floor or secured to both these surfaces. Gun cabinet installation may not be an easy DIY project and is highly discouraged not unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. Nevertheless, there are some gun cabinets that are designed for the owner to assemble on their own. Be sure to consider assembly and installation before purchasing your gun cabinet.

Product Examples

1: 6/8 Rifle Vault with Lock Top
• Buy From: DJS Gun Cabinets
• Price: Approx $353.67 or £266.00
• Link:

2: Homak Security 8-Gun Steel Cabinet
• Buy From: Sears
• Price: $197.10
• Link:

3: Stack-On Steel 14-Gun Fire-Resistant Safe
• Buy From: Walmart
• Price: $289.99
• Link:

4: American Furniture Classics 16-Gun Metal Cabinet
• Buy From:
• Price: $299.99
• Link:


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