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Fingertip Repair And Maintenance Tips For Mobile Home Bottom Boards

A good home is a comfortable home, all in terms of space, convenience, durability, and affordability. Mobile homes are pretty convenient if you are looking for the above-mentioned features in a home, especially when it comes to affordability. However, you will most definitely not enjoy all the benefits of owning a manufactured home if you don’t take proper care of maintenance of the different parts of your mobile home. One of these parts is the base, which may undergo some form of deterioration in form of scratches, dents, and tears due to continuous use. This is where essentially; having some understanding of mobile home bottom boards becomes important.

What Are Mobile Home Bottom Boards?

Bottom boards are basically, the black material that encloses mobile homes. They are also known by several other names, including belly boards, black boards, and base papers. They are sometimes referred to as underbelly. Most bottom boards in mobile homes are made from materials such as fiberglass or fiberboards impregnated with fiberboard. The main function of the bottom boards is to prevent moisture infiltration and keep away unwanted subjects such as vermin and insects. They are also important as they act as mobile home subfloor insulation. Since this part of manufactured homes is subject to damages related to holes and usage wear and tear, it requires immediate attention as a maintenance and repair practice to safeguard the homeowner’s convenience, comfort, and durability interests in a mobile home. Holes and rips are the most common damages requiring repair.

Underbelly Repairs and Replacements

As already noted, any tears or holes on mobile home underbelly/bottom boards have to be addressed as soon as possible. It all begins with identifying the source of damage first. For instance, you would want t to repair a leak that is suspected to have caused the damage due to moisture buildup. You would also want to get rid of pests or vermin first before repairing or replacing any damaged insulation and flooring.

In some cases, the bottom boards may have suffered a huge area damaged area with holes and rips, which may require cutting out a large area of the underbelly and replacing it a with a self-adhesive bottom board that fits the area. Instead of cutting out the portion, you can also have the holes and rips covered using the same type of product. To prevent future damage on bottom boards after repairing leaks or holes, the repair area should be patched as soon as the adhesive dries.

Patching of Bottom Boards

In most cases, small holes and tears on underbellies are patched using polyethylene bottom board tape as opposed to patching a piece of Polyethylene underbelly material for larger holes and tears on mobile home bottom boards.

Underbelly Replacement

Among the most challenging repair tasks in mobile homes is underbelly replacement. This is in most cases because there is often a limited room or space to operate from. Ductwork and plumbing will also pose a challenge whenever bottom boards are being replaced in a mobile home, most of which tend to hand down and yet have to be covered by the underbelly. However, the following tips can make replacing underbellies an easier and more efficient task altogether, of course, if you’re keen enough. During underbelly replacement, polyethylene bottom boards are mostly attached over the main I-beams of the mobile home. Mend-tapes, screws, nails, insulation and silicone adhesives may be required during replacement. Even though the mobile home underbelly replacement process is not as hard and one can opt for DIY, finding a professional technician is highly recommended.

Choosing Mobile Home Underbelly

When looking for a replacement bottom board option for your mobile home, choose a reputed product that will match with the already existing underbelly and blend with the existing interior décor features. You may also want to shop around for some of the best prices in the market. Most importantly, be sure to contrast and compare different products, brands, and models, since their features, quality, and prices also vary.

Product Examples

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