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Help Safeguard Your Family From Intruders With Mobile Home Carport Privacy Screens

If you own a car and you live in a mobile home, you most likely have a carport already or are thinking of installing one to protect your car from the harsh weather elements such as humidity and the sun. Well, there are many types of carport designs, including the roof only carport, the single sided, two sided and the 3-sided carport. Whichever design you go for, you may need to install some outdoor privacy screens, to increase the level of privacy. Below is a breakdown of what mobile home carport privacy screens are, the various options available, and some things to consider when approaching their purchase.

Privacy Screens for Mobile Home Carport

These are portable outdoor privacy screens that are beneficial in that they can be more affordable, convenient, and versatile as opposed to building a physical structure. They are mostly temporary and flexible. In addition to increasing the level of your privacy in your carport and home, privacy screens can also play a role in improving your home's security, as with the structure erected, it can be difficult for a person with the intentions of breaking into your home to know whether or not there is someone home. They are easy to acquire and depending on the type, can be installed within a matter of minutes. Additionally, your carport can be a wonderful space to relax during the warm weekends and have some good time with friends and family. It can even be transformed into a space for activities such as dining, picnicking and such.

Commonly Available Options

There are many different types of privacy screens that you can use on your mobile home carport. Some of the most common options that are commercially available include vinyl, laminate, metal, and wooden options. Aluminum is a good example of a metal used in making privacy screens for mobile home carports, especially when enclosing a carport cover. The privacy screens come in the form of panels, which are installed by attaching onto your patio cover's posts.

Choosing a Carport Privacy Screen

There are several fundamental factors to consider before heading for the purchase of your carport privacy screen as a wise owner of a mobile home. First and foremost, you would want to consider the appropriate material, carefully taking into account things such as flexibility, portability, and convenience. Polyester, vinyl, and other synthetic screens provide quite some amount of privacy and can be found at a considerable cost, not to forget that installation is also less involving. On the other hand, wooden and metal options can be a bit expensive and time-consuming to install even though they improve security in addition to providing you with carport privacy.

You would also want to determine the exact size of privacy screen you need, by measuring all the sides or sections of your carport where extra privacy is needed. You may decide to cover your carport partially or fully, leaving an entrance on one side.

The material should also be easy to maintain and durable. Additionally, weather resistance is also a crucial factor to take into consideration. You do not want a privacy screen that will easily be blown away by the winds, especially if you come from an area where storms are a common occurrence.

Last but not least, mobile home carport privacy screens vary in designs and styles, so be thoughtful in choosing a style that suits your preferences and preferably blends with your home’s architectural features.

Ordering Online

There are many websites from where you can order carport privacy screens for your mobile home. The costs may vary depending on the type, model, design, material, and so on and so forth. Prices may also vary from individual vendor to the other, even for the same exact item. It can, therefore, be highly helpful to conduct your research carefully and find a reputable and experienced online provider before choosing where to buy. Buying a low-quality product just because it’s a bit cheaper can be a risky affair, so take the time to cross check that you purchase your mobile home products from trusted vendors when doing it online.

Product Examples

1: Patio Cover 7' Projection
Buy From:
Price: $77.35

2: Flat Panel Attached Patio/Carport Cover (8' X 20')
Buy From:
Price: $1,399.00

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