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Mobile Home Cooktops - Must Have Countertop Additions

 A cooktop is one of the most commonly and unique looking appliances in the kitchen and is a great addition to any countertop. A cooktop is a good cooking alternative to the wall oven. When shopping for a mobile home cooktop for the home, there are certain key factors that one has to keep in mind.

Mobile Home Cooktops - Factors

One of the first things you have to decide on is whether to go for a gas or electric cooktop. There are also the induction cooktop which use electricity and electromagnetic technology to heat only the pan, leaving the burner much cooler when compared against standard electric or gas burners.

It is also important to check on the number of burners each option offers, the more the burners the better it is for you since it implies that you can cook more things much faster. Another important factor worth taking into consideration is the ease at which you can clean the cooktop as well as the knobs. Get one with spills for easy cleaning, smooth ceramic cooktops are also easy to clean and maintain. Knobs should be dishwasher friendly so as to make it easy to clean.

Other important factors which you may need to take into consideration is the availability of certain key features such as the bridge element which usually combine 2 or 3 elements into one large cooking area, making it quite ideal for oversized cooking. A good cooktop should also have a downdraft exhaust which draws odors and smoke into the cooking unit and disperses them outwards. Also check for electric ignition and electronic touch controls.

Product Examples

Here are some examples of mobile home cooktops readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Frigidaire Gallery Gas Cooktop in Stainless steel (5 burners)

Product Price: $ 899.10

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit has five sealed gas burners which also include an 18,000 BTU quick boil burner which can be used to boil water. The new design does feature angled front controls which are relatively easy to use. Its low simmer burner is quite perfect for delicate sauces and foods: the cooktop is also easy to clean since it has dishwasher safe cast iron grates and seamless recessed burners as well. It does allow the easy movement of heavy pans and pots without lifting due to the continuous grates that run from one corner to the other. This unit can also be easily converted for use with LP gas and is sold with a one year warranty.

2) Product Name: GE Profile Radiant Electric Cooktop with 4 elements

Product Price: $ 1394.10

Product URL:

Product Details: this electric cooktop does pride itself in having 4 radiant cooking elements which not only cook food evenly but also does it much faster on this sleek surface. It is fitted with a 3000W flexible power boil element that produces very rapid and powerful heat. Its infinite heat rotary controls allow users to adjust the settings with a single touch, giving lots of convenience to users. Its ceramic glass smooth surface does make cleaning the unit quite fast and easy, to enhance indoor air quality it is fitted with a powerful three (3) speed downdraft exhaust fan system which pulls steam and smoke out of the kitchen. To prevent accidental activation, the unit does have a control lock capability and is sold with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

3) Product Name: Maytag Coil Electric Cooktop with 5 Elements

Product Price: $ 440.10

Product URL:

Product Details: it does feature two eight inch 2350 Watt element and two 1500 Watt elements. The powerful 2350 elements provide high heat relatively fast, ideal for boiling liquids and searing steak. With a stain resistant porcelain-enamel surface, the cooktop is easy to clean and can therefore withstand years of scrubbing. It does also have dishwasher safe control knobs which are removable and therefore easy to clean. Its frameless design does offer users a smooth and subtle style for that highly sought modern look. With no drip chrome bowls, it is easy to catch spills and easily clean it off. The cooktop is sold with a limited one year warranty.

4) Product Name: Whirlpool Radiant Electric Cooktop with 4 Elements

Product Price: $ 494.10

Product URL:

Product Details: with an easy to clean Schott-Ceran surface as well as knobs that are dishwasher safe, this unit is easy to maintain and keep looking new and sparkling. Its four elements include a 9 inch 2500 Watt element (AccuSimmer) which offers some very versatile cooking options, delivering precise temperature control that’s ideal for simmering sauces or melting chocolate. For additional safety, it is also fitted with a hot surface indicator light which illuminates whenever the cooktop is still hot to the touch, even after turning off the element. Its dial controls provide users with easy access to the adjustable temperature settings.

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