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Mobile Home Door Knobs - Shopping Tips

A door knob is a piece of hardware installed on a door to play various roles. It is the feature on which you hold, twist, pull or push to open or close the door. In addition to this major function, the look and feel created by doorknobs is of great importance as far as interior or exterior decor is concerned. Some door knobs play the function of locking and unlocking the door, by twisting and pulling, whereas others require a key to operate. With respect to manufactured homes, mobile home door knobs are available in a wide variety, and choosing the right one may require you to consider your specific use, the door, style, design, shape, quality, and price. In detail, below are some important pointers on things you should get right when shopping for mobile home door knobs.

Mobile Home Door Knobs - Important Pointers

1. The Door/Use

The first and most important question to ask yourself even before you approach the market for door knobs is, what do I need these for? Are you looking for door knobs for your manufactured home's entry door are you simply after or knobs for your bathroom's cabinet or maybe your bedroom's closet? In this case, a mobile home's entry door would obviously a more rigid, firm, and secure door knob in comparison to the closet or bathroom cabinet. Knobs used on passages and closet doors where the function required is only mechanical pushing and pulling are called dummy knobs. They do not have a locking mechanism. It's always important to consider your intended use based on the door you intend to install the knob on.

2. Doorknob Type and Operation

While some door knobs are designed to operate both from the door's interior and the exterior or both sides of the door, some can only be operated from a single side, mainly the exterior. For instance, a manufactured home's closet door may only require a doorknob that only operates from the outside. However, door knobs and levels for interior rooms in the manufactured home such as bathroom, kitchen, and passage doors may need a knob that operates both ways. On the other hand, privacy doors lock from one direction. In addition, most entry door knobs come with locks that may be keyed or non-keyed. The type of door knobs that has both a lock and knob/lever is referred to as a lockset. Always remember to consider your preferences in terms of operational convenience, safety, and security before choosing your mobile home's doorknobs.

3. Style, Design, and Size

As earlier mentioned, door knobs are a huge deal when it comes to a mobile home's interior décor. Door knobs are available in a wide array of styles, shapes, designs, and sizes. Of course, it is important to shop wisely and choose a product that will not only complement the door’s design but will also add some spice to your home's decor when buying knobs. Additionally, the knob designed for your closet door or drawer may not be precise for your entry door in terms of size. Color; is also a crucial factor and part of the style, so choose wisely for door knobs that blend with your manufactured home décor color wise.

4. Quality and Price

Last but not least, pricing is also a factor to consider and it most of the time goes hand in hand with quality. However, affordable doesn't always mean low quality. To get mobile home door knobs at an affordable price, it can be a good idea to start by conducting some research before choosing the online or hardware store from which to source your door knobs. Other factors affecting price include the brand, finishing, size, design, and type. Online reviews and customer testimonials from reputed sources online can also help you arrive at a decision on the specific product to go for. However, mobile home repair contractors can also assist you and make the process easier for you, especially in such a case where you to upgrade your home's security entry door with a stronger and more secure lock and knob set. Always seek high-quality door knobs from highly reputed vendors or the manufacturers themselves if you can.

Product Examples

1: Ball Knob Privacy Door Knob for Bedrooms/Bathrooms (Oil Rubbed Bronze)
Buy From:
Price: $15.14

2: Schlage Plymouth Dummy Knob (Bright Chrome)
Buy From: Amazon
Price: $8.91

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