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Mobile Home Fencing Options: Enclose Your Home With The Right Fences

When looking for mobile home fencing options, you'll need to consider style, functionality as well as ease of maintenance. After all, a good fence is a must-have at home, especially if you want to keep the kids and maybe the family dog safe in your backyard. And sometimes you just want to improve your privacy so that your snoopy neighbors won't get a chance to investigate your compound. The reasons why a fence must be erected are endless.

Therefore, if you choose the correct fence, you will get many benefits, all packed in one. Style and construction materials also vary. As a result, you should also expect maintenance and price to vary as well.

What's more, you'll need to make sure your mobile home fence isn't creating animosity amongst your neighbors or even breaking the local laws. So if you think this isn't as simple as you initially thought it was, here are tips to get you started. Hopefully, you'll get a good fence at a minimalist budget.

Mobile Home Fencing Options - Some Rules

Don't bend the rules

Your fence must follow the local zoning codes which determine how far they should be from property lines, how high they should be, and whether or not they can be erected in front yards. Therefore, if you're not sure, contact your municipality zoning department to learn more about putting up a fence that follows the rules.

Furthermore, if your mobile home is situated in a historic district, or in an area that is still being developed, you may face many restrictions on fence location, style and height.

Always be a good neighbor

A good fence makes a good neighbor. However, the same fence can make neighbors annoyed if they appear in one night without prior warning. Therefore, if you plan to erect a fence that will be adjacent to your neighbor's property, tell them in advance so they can prepare emotionally for the change that is coming.

Again, unless you've already had your lot surveyed by professionals, make sure you confirm with your neighbors about where the property lines are.

Focus on your goal

When you approach a salesman with the intention of buying a fence, they will ask you the reason why you want a fence. Basically, they want to give you what will match your needs. In regards to this, there are 4 basic types of fencing that fulfill different purposes.

(a) Privacy fencing

If privacy is your concern, you will need a fence that is designed in such a way that you can't see outside and others can't see inside. So keep in mind that this fence must be at least 6 feet tall to prevent most people from peeping through.

(b) Security fence

Again, if security is a major concern, you will need a fence that is at least 6 feet high or even higher. You want to make it harder for people to hop over it. Also, use a fence that has a spiky top to prevent intruders from climbing over.

(c) Decorative fencing

If the goal is to outline property line, add structural element or boost curb appeal to the landscape, then it doesn't have to be obtrusive or large. You could choose a fence that's 1 or 4 feet high (with spaced pickets included). Because it's a fence that enhances decorative appeal, choose a fence that has all the ornamental designs you can find. The idea is not to block the view, but to enhance it instead.

(d) A safety fence

If you want to deter your dog from going astray, protect the pool area or deter wild animals from gaining access to a restricted area, you can go for a safety fence instead. The most favorite choice in this category of fences are those made of wires. To choose the most economical safety fence, go for those made of galvanized metal mesh and coated with green vinyl to prevent them from view. Lastly, you can still explore cheaper options like plastic mesh hang on stakes or metal poles.

Choosing a material

The choice of fencing material you go for will be determined by the purpose for which you are putting up that fence in the first place. Of course security fences will feature materials that stand the work they are designed for. They won't be the same as decorative fences.

Lastly, you could choose to buy them online or at your nearest store. But if you decide to buy online, use this Amazon link: That page has a variety of fencing options you can explore. The cost of these materials will depend with the size of the area you want to fence.

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