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Mobile Home Front Doors: How To Choose The Right One

Replacing your front door is an upgrade that can easily pay for itself and even make a profit by significantly increasing the value of your home. As a matter of fact, if you choose an energy efficient front door, then you will also reduce your energy bills quite significantly. With so many mobile home front doors in the market to choose from, getting the door that’s right for your mobile home can be quite challenging to say the least. Here are some important factors you need to take into consideration.

Mobile Home Front Doors - Factors

Front doors are available in an incredible variety of designs to match any mobile home. From the basic steel door to the hand carved wood doors to the highly ornate units and anything therein between, homeowners can get a front door that fits any taste or budget. In addition, other features such as sidelights to your door can transform any home into a magnificent and inviting showplace that’s safe and well secured.

The material used to manufacture the door is very important. Most front doors are constructed from wood, steel, fiberglass or engineered composite. Fiberglass is quite popular and features both the look and feel of genuine wood with less upkeep demands. The doors are specifically built to consistently withstand the rigors of any climate, be it wet or dry, cold or hot. Wooden doors are made from a variety of wood species such as alder, mahogany, pine and fir. Each of these species has a range of different characteristics such as color and grain which generally contribute to its unique appearance. Wooden doors are usually treated so as to make them weather resistant. Steel is an economical option and very popular for mobile front doors. Steel does offer durability and strength and is a good choice for most climates. Most of these doors are also treated to deliver to user’s superior rust resistance and also require very minimal maintenance. This is especially so in moist areas where they may require very minimal upkeep.

In terms of features, there are certain factors one has to take into consideration when it comes to security. Even though all the three materials are acceptable, steel is a tad stronger and thus tends to feature more. Irrespective of the door that you choose, make sure that the unit fits snugly into the frame with no more than 1/8 inch clearance between the frame and the door. It should also be fitted with secure and high quality door locks. These undertakings not only help prevent drafts but will also significantly help you reduce your heating costs.

Doors are available as out-swing or in-swing models, this simply refers to which way the exterior door will swing. Inward doors swing towards the inside whereas the outward doors swing towards the outside of the house. If you are short of interior space, you can opt for out-swing doors. Door hinges can be located on either the left –hand or right –hand side of the door. Generally, hinges are on the right hand side of an in-swing door and on the left of an out-swing door.

Here are some of the popular mobile home front doors readily available in the market.

Product Examples

1) Product Name: 34” by 76” Kinro Steel Combination Front Door

Product Price: $ 625.35

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit is made of galvanized (laminated)steel and is attached to a painted finger pine jamb. The unit is weather stripped to protect it against light, air and water penetration. The unit does also have a 22 by 36 window with double pane glass, white frame and integral aluminum blinds. It is pre-squared, pre-hung and pre-punched for easy and fast installation.

2) Product Name: 6 Panel Combination Front Door with Full View Storm

Product Price: $ 432.71

Product URL:

Product Details: six panel with chrome knocker and viewer , it is 1 3/8 thick with energy polyurethane foam insulation that also includes a four leaf sill sweep and is pre-drilled for entrance and deadbolt lock. The unit has been weather-stripped so as to protect the unit against water penetration, light and air as well.

3) Product Name: Kinro Combination Front Door

Product Price: $ 386.96

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit is fitted with polyethylene panels that have been securely bonded to some energy efficient and thick foam insulation.. The unit does have lumber jamb that's laminated and weatherstripped to ensure it can withstand weather extremes.

Be sure to shop for replacement door knobs and screen doors if the need arises.

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