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Factors To Consider When Checking Out Available Mobile Home Furnace Choices

It is a fact that the efficiency of your furnace can make a major difference in your energy bills, this is because generally, cooling and heating does constitute approximately 56 percent of the energy used in a typical home in the US. If your furnace was installed before 1992, then it is probably obsolete. As of May 1 2013, every furnace is expected to turn at least 80 percent of its fuel into heat with some units having high efficiencies of 98.5%, so apart from checking the efficiency of the unit, here are some other factors worth taking into consideration.

Where you live or intend to move to is also a major consideration which you need to take into account. If you live in very cold climates then you are better off going for a high efficiency unit otherwise the difference in efficiency numbers will not have much effect if you live in a mild winter climate.

It is also important to decide on how you want the furnace powered: the most common options are electric furnaces and gas or oil furnaces. The need for either of these is dependent on your requirements. For an electric furnace, make sure the air filter is easily accessible and the air duct connections are sealed. For oil or gas furnaces, make sure the vent pipes are sloped back to the furnace and short as practically possible. Also make sure there is shutoff valve for the oil or gas next to the furnace.

Product Examples

Here are some fabulous mobile home furnace choices worth taking a look at. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Coleman Electric Furnace

Product Price: $ 495.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this electric furnace is a 240V and AC/ heat pump ready as well as being UI/CUL approved. The manufacturers put a lot of effort in their electric furnace and this is reflected in their sound absorbing insulation as well its ability to change from down-flow to up-flow and vice versa with lots of ease. The unit does also use circuit breakers rather than the break down prone fuses and for ease of maintenance, the furnace uses universal filters. This 4 ton A/C with 3.5 ton heat pump blower capacity and an in-built insulated coil cabinet, this unit is quite powerful and yet portable. To protect your electronics at home, the unit does implement full sequenced heat. It is also front/top return air convertible. At 10 kilowatt it can produce an output of 34,000BTU and at 23Kilowatt it has an output of 77000 BTU.

2) Product Name: Winchester 120,000 BTU Multi-Positional Gas Furnace (95.5% Efficiency)

Product Price: $ 1749.06

Product URL:

Product Details: this is ideal for replacement or new residential installations. This single stage, high efficiency furnace is natural gas ready and is easily convertible to propane (LP gas) using its optional conversion kit. It is also certified for Category IV venting and can be vented either through roof applications or sidewall using approved plastic. For improved efficiency and safety, it does feature an electronic hot surface igniter as well as an adjustable and speed maintenance free direct drive blower which never requires lubrication. The unit does require 1/2 inch input to gas valve and a dedicated circuit breaker as well as a 120V wiring with proper ground and polarity.

3) Product Name: Winchester 49,147 BTU Multi- Position Electric Furnace (95.5 % Efficiency)

Product Price: $ 889.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this residential electric furnace is the perfect choice for both new and replacement installations, its modular and compact design does allow the unit to be installed in horizontal, down flow or up-flow applications. It does also feature a speed blower motor that’s maintenance free and is heat pump and A/C ready, you simply add condenser, line set and coil. The cabinet around the unit is well insulated for really quiet operation and the units come factory assembled, tested and wired to assure dependable, safe and reliable installation. The unit is designed for use with both heat pump and air conditioning systems, all you need to do is to match the width of the air handler cabinet.

4) Product Name: Century 72,000 BTU Natural Gas Forced Hot Air Furnace (80% Efficiency)

Product Price: $ 945.90

Product URL:

Product Details: measuring 34.5 inches in height, this furnace can fit into the space of virtually any furnace that’s being replaced. Due to its small size, the unit is easy to handle and can fit easily through most doors. Maintenance and servicing of the unit is easy to undertake because its components are readily available whereas the diagnostic lights make it very easy to troubleshoot any problem and the integrated solid control board does speed up any required installation. Once completely assembled, the furnace is ready to be installed with quick connect fittings and a color coded wiring harness.

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