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Mobile Home Garbage Disposal Choices: Which Choice Is The Right One?

When the time comes to replace an old garbage disposal unit, there are several mobile home garbage disposal choices you need to take into consideration so as to ensure you get the right appliance mainly because not all units work in a similar fashion and it is therefore important to consider all available options.

Mobile Home Garbage Disposal Choices - Options

One of the key issues you need to consider is the horsepower (HP) of the unit. 1/3 HP is the lowest garbage disposal, even though they are more affordable, their utility level is limited and easily gets jammed. It is ideal for short time use whereas the 1 HP is top of the line and thus more powerful: it does occupy lots of space and may therefore not be so appropriate for use in a mobile home kitchen. The most common disposal units are the 1/2 HP and the 5/8 HP models which are compact in size and are also quite long lasting as well.

Another important factor worth considering is the size of the grind chamber, usually the more powerful the disposal unit is, the larger it’s grinding chamber. When checking on the grinding function, it is highly recommended that you opt for one with a continuous feed capability, this is important because continuous feeding operation does not only reduce the food leftovers to fine cuttings, it does help to prevent the disposer from jamming or clogging.

Lastly, if by any chance you have septic tanks, then you need to take into consideration some other factors. You can get a disposal unit which has a special cartridge on the side of the unit which injects the food waste with some natural micro-organisms which help in breaking down the food, these cartridges also have a citrus scent which helps in controlling the odor from the drain and sink.

Product Examples

Here are mobile home garbage disposal choices worth taking into consideration for your home.

1) Product Name: Badger 100 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Product Price: $ 84.96

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a reliable and functional choice and features a 1/3 horsepower, heavy duty and quiet Dura-Drive Motor. The unit does have a rugged, galvanized steel construction for disposer durability as well as a space saving compact design as well. The unit is sold with a one year: we come to you in home service warranty which covers repair or even replacement by an authorized dealer. The quick lock sink mount does on the other hand allow for easy disposer replacement and installation as well. This easy to use, sturdy and high quality unit is bound to exceed your expectations.

2) Product Name: Evolution Select 5/8 HP Continuous feed garbage disposal

Product Price: $ 159.00

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit delivers exceptional performance and is a perfect solution for kitchens with restricted space such as those in mobile homes. The 5/8 HP Dura-Drive motor does provide not only a quiet operation but a long life as well. The 34.6 oz grind chamber which is fitted with steel grind components does offer a very compact size with the requisite durability. The quick lock sink mount does allow for easy disposer replacement as well as installation while the MultiGrind technology implemented in the unit does ensure that any food waste is ground pretty fast.

3) Product Name: Whirlpool 1/2 HP Continuous feed garbage disposal

Product Price: $ 116.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this 1/2 Horse power sink disposer works efficiently and effortlessly and features a continuous feed operation to minimize instances of jamming, this makes it possible to reduce food to fine cuttings before being whisked down the drain without the need to ever pause and check for clogging. The galvanized steel shredder ring and grinding wheel as well as steel swivel impellers finely grind the food waste. It does also have an overload protector and even a manual reset to protect the disposer from any damage. Its 26 oz chamber is large enough for relatively easy waste disposal, it is also sold complete with an easy to follow, step by step instruction manual.

4) Product Name: InsinkErator 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Product Price: $ 139.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a disposal unit that’s a functional and reliable choice when affordability is a key concern. The unit features a 3/4 horsepower, heavy duty, induction motor (Dura-Drive) and has a compact space saving design to boot. It is also fitted with stainless steel grind components for long lasting durability. It does also feature a quick lock sink mount which allows for easy installation as well as disposer replacement.

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