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Mobile Home Interior Wall Paneling - Shopping Guide

Many people are usually pleasantly surprised at the overall effect of a well done interior wall not only on the look and décor of their mobile home but also on their personal lives. Having a well done interior in your home is not only refreshing and energizing to you as a person but also enhances the value of the home quite significantly. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend obscene amounts of money or seek the services of some of the best interior designers to achieve that look you have always yearned for. Whether you are on a shoe-string budget or are ready to spend a wad of cash in the project, there is something for everyone; provided you know what you want and where to look for it. To ensure that your interior wall paneling project is a success, here are certain factors you must also take into consideration.

Getting the best paneling material is without doubt one of the most important choices you have to make. Wood has been and continues to be one of the most popular materials used to make panels over the years. It is important though to choose the right type of wood that will deliver the best quality panel for your project. The most popular types of wood include wood laminates, engineered wood panels, solid hardwood as well as plywood. Other materials you can use for paneling include fiberboard and vinyl. Both are quite durable with vinyl having the distinct advantage of weight and variety of colors. If you are keen on improving the overall finishes on your wood panels, then it is always advisable to use laminates and veneers for the best results.

It is also important to get your styling right. This is vital because it does play a significant part in complementing the overall décor of the home. If your home has a modern look then it is advisable to adopt a more contemporary paneling style, with vinyl and fiberboard material being the materials of choice due to the wide variety of color choices on offer. For those who are keen on a more traditional look, then wood paneling can never disappoint. It is worth mentioning though that all these materials can be used to achieve either look or décor of choice, all you need to do is to shop widely and be patient since there are very many wood panels which can give a contemporary look and lots of vinyl which can offer you a traditional look. On the same note, it is also important to decide on how much wall you need to cover for that magic look.

The kind of look you want will also dictate the wall paneling designs you will opt for. As a homeowner, you must decide whether you want to use modern or conventional decorative panels to decorate your home. For a traditional face, you are better off installing wood grain finishes, bead and board wall panels as well as flat plank wall paneling. These materials are all available in diagonal, vertical and horizontal as well as designer and overlay panels. If you want a contemporary design, then feel free to go for grill and perforated panels. Alternatively, you can opt for stone or concrete wall paneling and transform your home by giving it a grand look.

Here are some of the popular mobile home interior wall paneling options readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: DPI AquaTile Metroliner White Bath Wall Panel

Product Price: $ 22.99

Product URL:

Product Details: the panel is constructed from tempered hardboard for that uniform strength and grain free cutting. The unit is easy to install and is compatible with a large number of molding types. It is designed to withstand high moisture environments and has uncompromised surface integrity.

2) Product Name: American Pacific Rustic Pine Panel

Product Price: $ 22.98

Product URL:

Product Details: the panel is ideal for creating that casual feel in your home and offers a very rich wood grain texture with some very warmly toned accents. The panel will not contract and is easy to install with no preparation necessary.

3) Product Name: NRP White Waterproof Interior Wall Panel

Product Price: $ 22.99

Product URL:

Product Details: made of non-fiberglass reinforced plastic, this panel is durable and tough. It is also easy to install with a pebbled finish. The unit is chemically inert and will not discolor with exposure to other chemicals, will not rot or swell either.

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