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Help Protect Your Investment With Some Mobile Home Maintenance Tips

Any type of home requires a good deal of toil to keep it in optimum condition, and in this aspect, mobile homes are no different. However, it is important to note that there are significant differences in decorating, repairing and maintaining a mobile home. even though there are no laid down rules and regulations which one must follow so as to ensure that his or her mobile home is well maintained, here are some valuable mobile home maintenance tips worth looking at.

Mobile Home Maintenance Tips - Practical DIY

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your home is well leveled. This is important because even though at the time of setting up your home it was level, over time the unit does lose its level and may therefore need to be adjusted. Some of the tell-tale signs you should be on the lookout for include doors that were previously closing properly not closing well, windows that use to snugly fit all of a sudden to fit right or a previously rigid and sturdy floor starting to squeak. Cracks on the walls and ceilings may also be a sign that the unit is not level. Leveling a mobile home is a complex procedure that’s best left to a professional to handle.

Skirting around your home should be well maintained.
They are important in that apart from protecting the belly of the home, they also enhance energy efficiency. Make a point of inspecting your skirting regularly and repair any holes that you find immediately. You can repair these holes by applying some tape from the inside and then coating the spot with some caulk from the exterior. You can then smooth the surface using a paint scraper and some sand paper.

To keep the exterior looking clean and sparkling, you should periodically wash the outside part using a power washer. Depending on where your home is located and its exposure to the elements, you can either opt to rent or hire such a machine. If you think you will need to clean quite frequently then you are better off buying rather than renting. Make sure you are comfortable using the machine, read the instructions carefully as you can either injure yourself or damage the siding of your home if you are not careful.

If you are replacing fixtures such as faucets and doorknobs, it is important to ensure that you get replacements that are specially made for mobile homes. To ensure that you get the correct fixture, it is highly recommended that you go with the part you want to replace or take very accurate measurements of the hole or any other part which may help you get the best fitting unit. Always keep in mind that apart from the fixture you are replacing, you will also need special tools and equipments, special nuts as well as screws.

Because ceiling tiles in most mobile homes are very difficult to replace, getting rid of water stains can be a daunting task. To overcome this, many homeowners have realized that it is much easier to camouflage or hide the stain than to try and replace it. One of the best materials to use for such as task is the stain blocking primer which is readily available in aerosol cans. When choosing, always opt for those that have a quick dry formula. Because most ceilings tend to be white, when buying the primer, always opt for a muted rather than stark white. This is because ceilings tend to discolor and age with time and having a stark white primer will leave the entire ceiling looking noticeably dirty and discolored.  

Finally, painting vinyl covered drywall is usually a challenge for many people. This is because even after you have thoroughly sanded and primed the drywall, the pattern will still show through the fresh paint that you have just used. To overcome this, it is recommended that you use what’s known as a 'faux painting technique’ and then create your own muted pattern to hide the existing pattern that’s showing through. Alternatively, you should use textured treatments to help you hide all the existing print permanently. A word of caution though, unless you are well versed with the use of textured treatments, you should not try on your unit since they are usually very difficult to rectify in the event that there is a mistake.

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