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Mobile Home Screen Doors: Keep The Air Flowing In And Flies Out

Screen doors, also sometimes referred to as storm doors are doors that are installed to cover the exterior main door and often contain a mesh of some sort. Among other benefits, screen doors serve to keep away gnats and insects (especially the flying type), while still allowing the entry of natural light and the free flow of air into your home. In other words, they improve ventilation and lighting, thereby promoting the health and well-being of the occupants. In some instances, they also prevent pets and children from getting out of the house without your awareness. Some screen door types include storm door features that help protect the main entrance door from the effects of extreme weather and serve to minimize energy waste by blocking drafts during winter.

Especially the modern types, a carefully chosen screen door can add to the curb appeal of your mobile home a great deal. So what are some of the thing you should know about mobile home screen doors before you go shopping in order to realize the utmost of the door you go for? Well, some choices are difficult and daunting to make, especially if you don’t have some extensive knowledge about what you are looking for. This being the case, here are some pointers with important information about choosing the ideal screen door type for your mobile home.

Mobile Home Screen Doors - Pointers

Door Size and Configuration

One of the most important considerations to make when out shopping for a screen door is the size you need, based on the size of your main door. In most cases, you will find standard screen door sizes measuring between 30 and 36-inches in terms of width. However, your mobile home main entry door may be smaller or slightly larger than that, making it quite imperative to get the measurements right before going shopping.

Construction and Framing Material

The material type is the other important factor to consider when buying screen doors. In terms of construction material, there are various options available in the market, including fiberglass, aluminum frames, and wooden screen doors, among others.

Aluminum: Aluminum screen doors are preferred for their immense durability and lightweight nature, which makes them quite versatile and easy to operate and install. The most common versions of aluminum screen doors include extruded and roll formed doors, in terms of construction style. Aluminum is also preferred by mobile home owners where security is paramount and a priority of the look and feel, which is sometimes reinforced with steel.

Wooden Screen Doors: For wooden frame options, they can either be the sliding or the hinged type. It is important to consider also the type of wood a screen door is made of, since some are more prone to weather effects that cause warping, splitting, rotting, denting, and twisting. In comparison to aluminum, wooden options may require a little more maintenance and may require painting. However, they are advantageous in the fact that they give your mobile home entrance area a natural and decent look. Composite options such as the EMCO’s Forever Ultra-Core are also available, which are more reliable as compared to natural wood in terms of stability, sturdiness, weather resistance, and lower maintenance.

Vinyl-Clad: In most cases, vinyl options are preferred as a low-cost alternative to wood and aluminum. It is also free from rotting, rusting, warping, and denting. However, vinyl-clad is considered by mobile home accessories experts as a lesser durable option as compared to aluminum, which is probably one of the reasons why the warranty period is lower for vinyl.

Mobile Home Screen Door Style and Design

In terms of style, the most common screen door types include hinged, retractable, or sliding type doors. The screen door may cover the entire part of the main door or the bottom quarter/half. They also exist in a wide variety of colors as well as construction designs, some composed of glass and mesh. The common mesh types include fiberglass and solar screen meshes. Stainless steel mesh screens and vinyl coated options are also common. Whichever style or design you go for, remember to consider the ultimate look and feel and ensure that it will serve its purpose for your mobile home in the long run.

In conclusion, the size, type, and design are some of the most important factors to look at when choosing a screen door for your mobile home. Also, it is worth thinking about the brand and vendor’s reputation before making your pick from your intended source. Think about security, convenience, durability, and price.

Product Examples

1: Brisa Sandstone Standard Height, Retractable 36x80-inch Screen Door
• Buy From: Home Depot
• Price: $159.78
• Link: https://is.gd/cBHJ27

2: 32 X 72-inch Kinro White OutSwing Self Storing Storm Door
• Buy From: Mobilehomepartsstore.com
• Price: $198.93
• Link: https://is.gd/l9Lo4n

3: Screen Tight’s Woodcraft Natural Wood Hinged Screen Door 36-in x 80-in
• Buy From: Lowes
• Price: $69.00
• Link: https://is.gd/SqyQ9Y


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the standard screen door sizes?

A: Storm doors come in two-door widths of 30, 32, 34, and 36 inches although the last two are the most common with 32 inches often designed for the back doors and 36 inches for the front doors. The 30-inch storm doors are not found very frequently now and can generally be witnessed only in the older houses built in the late twentieth century.

Q: Who makes the best screen door?

A: Screen door is an outer door majorly used as a protection against the weather, storm, insects as well as small animals etcetera. Lifees, UCTOP, and Vinallo are the few sellers and manufacturers who provide the best quality screen doors in the market today. They also have a whole range of magnetic screen doors available which make opening and closing the door much easier and secure. Moreover, in America, LARSON storm doors, an extension of Lowe’s, are also highly rated. Each of these manufacturers has a huge loyal customer base because of the reliability of their products and good customer care.

Q: What is a screen door turnbuckle?

A: A turnbuckle comprises a pair of metal rods with connected ends that fit into a coupling nut. There are two sizes available for a turnbuckle: 42 inches for doors having a width of fewer than 36 inches and 50 inches for doors 36 inches wide or more. If your screen door won't shut down properly anymore, installing a screen door turnbuckle will help you solve the problem.

Q: Where can a replacement screen door frame be bought?

A: You can buy a replacement screen door frame from ACE, Lowe’s or Menards all three of these companies provide good quality screen door frames and a variety of other related products. Each of these companies provides a complete easy to understand description of their available product line to help you choose what you like and respond quickly to emails to address any customer queries.

Q: Where can screen door decals be purchased?

A: You can buy screen door decals from popular online intermediaries like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress which provide a wide variety in this category although care must be taken while deciding which vendor’s products are being bought from any three of these websites since the quality varies from seller to seller. Each of these websites provides screen door decals for retractable screens, window screens, and sliding screens. Moreover, their screen door decals are UV Resistant, are of latest stylish designs and come with free shipping to many places which saves you a lot of cost and time thus ensuring a smooth hassle free installation.

Q: Where can one buy screen door mesh?

A: Home Depot and Walmart will provide you with the best quality at a very reasonable price. While each of these companies has a good range, the former has better product quality while the latter has better prices. Both provide walk-through, auto-close designed screen doors along with related components. The structure of their doors gives you a clear view. The mesh proves to be a good option for gatherings and barbecues, providing hassle-free entry and exit for everyone.

Q: Where can one buy screen door magnetics?

A: Amazon, Walmart, and eBay again take the deal in providing the best deals when it comes to buying screen door magnetics. You can find the type of product you want from the wide range of screen door magnetics available at each of these websites. Moreover, SENTRY doors have a very vast range of screen door magnetics. The SENTRY magnetic screen door is ideal for homes, apartments, cottages, condos, trailers, RVs, and for easy wheelchair accessibility. Their products have a natural pest control element which prevents insects from entering your house without the use of strong chemicals.

Q: Where can one buy screen door handles?

A: Screen door handles need to be replaced long before the door does because they either break or become tarnished. Replacing a door handle is an easy task and you can buy a variety of these from a number of companies. You are sure to find what you are looking for at Home Depot, eBay, Lowe’s and True Value, each of which has a vast range available along with a complete description of the product to help you find what you’re looking for.

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