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Your Options And Choosing Tips When Buying Mobile Home Shower Faucets

Shower faucets are bathroom features that not only allow you to control the flow of water in your shower stall; they can also play a huge role as bathroom decor features in your mobile home. As a matter of fact, these are features you can target if you're looking to give your bathroom a more appealing look and feel. As time goes, bathroom tub and shower faucets may succumb to the pressures of wear and tear, thereby requiring replacement. Whether you are looking to upgrade your shower's look or simply have no option but to replace these important  features, you definitely have to consider a number of factors in order to determine the option that works best for your mobile home shower. Below are some important pointers on mobile home shower faucets and some factors to consider before approaching your purchase, just so you do so when adequately informed to help you make the right pick from the shelves

Mobile Home Shower Faucets - The Common Types Available

In brief, there exist three main types of shower faucets, based on the positioning or mounting in the shower. These include the following:

- Freestanding Faucets
- Deck- Mounted Faucets
- Wall/Tub-Mounted Faucets

Wall mounted faucets are one of the most popular shower faucets used in both mobile and conventional homes. They are, in most cases mounted on the wall, just like the name suggest. They are sometimes also known as tub mounted faucets, in which case they are mounted on the tub wall. These can either come as single or double handle styles depending on which styles you prefer to use in adjusting your water temperature and volume. Other models are also equipped with a hand shower extension to increase convenience in tub cleaning and rinsing oneâ’s self in the shower place. These are best applicable in bathrooms where the shower is part and parcel of the tub.

Freestanding faucets are the rarest option, which is mostly used free standing tubs, just like the name suggests. These can easily be installed on any side of your bathtub, with visible pipes that mostly come up out of the floor and sometimes fastened onto the wall of the tub to increase stability.

On the other hand, deck mounted faucets are installed within the tub, such as the rim or the drop-in surround. They are sometimes known as roman faucets or tub fillers. While their pipes are hidden within the deck of the tub, the handles and sprouts are visible. They are characterized by wide sprouts that are also longer and their design accommodates for higher water volumes supplied to showers.

Faucet Design, Style, and Shape

Mobile home shower faucets exist in a wide variety of options based on shapes, design, colors, sizes, finishes, and styles. The rule of thumb is that before approaching the market, you be sure that the option you choose complements your mobile homeâ’s bathroom look and feel without appearing forced or biased. For instance, silver/brass and glass can be a great combination, especially if the colors match. For durability, go for faucets whose metal parts are chrome plated or another quality finish such as powdery or brass plating. The shapes of the handles can also vary widely but in case youâ’re replacing a single part such as one handle in a 2-handle faucet, be sure you go for the right match or change the entire unit altogether. If you have a sink in your bathroom, matching your shower faucets with your skin’s faucets can be a great idea.

Faucet Diverters and Valves

Diverters and valves help prolong the lifetime and performance of shower faucets. Basically, diverters help switch the flow of water from the spout to the shower head, in cases where the shower and tub are combined. There are various types of valves and diverters as well, so consider durability and performance.

In summary, the shower faucet you choose for your mobile home should be appealing, functional, and of good quality. You will also find yourself looking for an option that is cost-effective, so be sure to compare the prices from various sources.

Product Examples

1: StoneCrest Chrome Shower Faucet (4")
- Buy From: mobilehomepartsstore.com
- Price: $13.97
- Link: https://is.gd/ljiQtP

2: Danco Mobile Home Tub & Shower Faucet
- Buy From: Amazon
- Price: $22.95
- Link: https://is.gd/DiCpsN

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