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Mobile Home Shower Stalls: For DIY Renovation Projects

Your bathroom or shower place is one of the best places to be after a long tiresome day or in the morning before you head out to your normal hassles of the day. Your shower place needs to be a comfortable, appealing, and enjoyable place with decorations and modifications that make it feel like so. If you own a mobile home, one of the best things you can do to your bathroom is installing a shower stall.

Shower stalls are available in a wide range of varieties, which differed in terms of deign, size, the material of construction, colors, and finishes. These also vary in terms of prices, both of purchase and installation. Regardless of the size of your mobile home, it is still crucial that your shower unit is comfortable, yet affordable. It should also be easy to clean. This makes it important for homeowners to look at a number of factors when debating their options on mobile home shower stalls.

What Is a Mobile Shower Stall?

Simply put, a shower stall is an enclosed area in a home's room or bathroom, where one can comfortably take a shower without worrying about splashing or spilling of water in the room. It is mostly a compartment installed in an already existing room, even though outdoor shower stalls also exist. The stall may include the basic features of a bathroom inside, including faucets and a showerhead located either on the ceiling or on one of its 4 walls. Most shower stalls come with a swinging door or set of sliding doors to allow easy entry or exit to and from the shower place. The features will basically depend on the type and model of the installation.

Material Options

Shower stalls can be constructed from a variety of materials. Most units are constructed from fiberglass panels, which are attached to bathtubs with the help of inserts. The floor and the walls may be constructed from brick or tiles, whereas the doors may be made from fiberglass or pure glass. Some of the best options are made from a reliable material such as acrylic and Gelcoat, which is then reinforced with fiberglass and polyester for maximum strength and longevity.

Design, features, and Size

Depending on the size of your home, various sizes and configurations of manufactured home shower stalls exist. Some are equipped with more than one showerhead with various water pressure and height settings for easy use at various heights, whereas other only have a single showerhead. The options with multiple showerheads sometimes double up as massage spa rooms. Some stalls come with bathtubs, whereas other does not include one. The showering unit may also come with sliding doors or swinging doors, whichever suits your preferences and space needs. The good thing about them is that there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of sizes, design, and features.

Safety and Easy of Cleaning

These are highly important factors to look at before choosing a shower stall to install in your mobile home. It is important to make sure that the floor is made from slip-free resistant material to minimize the chances of bathroom accidents and that it is also easy to keep clean and maintain.

Your Budget

Last but not least it is also important to carefully consider your budget when thinking about remodeling your bathroom or any of the rooms in your mobile home to include a shower stall. As previously pointed out, shower stall purchase and installation prices may vary with size, material type, design, and features included. The best thing is that a bathroom or shower place will always increase the value of your mobile home. This makes it important to consider both the short-term and the long-term benefit as you weight your options for mobile home shower stalls against your wallet. Fiberglass stalls are the most common low-budget options in the market, which are also easy to install and maintain. Tile showers, on the other hand, can be a great option if cost is much less of an issue for you in comparison to quality and durability.

Product Examples

1: Better Bath - White Heavy Gauge ABS Shower Pan (54" x 28")
Buy From:
Price: $222.97

2: White 2-Piece Shower (Clarion) (32" X 33" X 74")
Buy From:
Price: $453.88

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