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Important Tips About Mobile Home Title Service Companies

Once you have purchased a new or used manufactured home, you must then start the process of applying for a title. Many states will demand that you provide an acceptable identification. Some states may require that you verify that the home is principally located or garaged or operated in that particular state for 6 months or more in a year.

If you have purchased a used home, you must have the title which has been signed over to you by the previous owner. The title should have a bill of sale on the back or alternatively submit it to the registering authority. In the event that the mobile home is new, you must have a manufacturer’s certificate of origin. This document must be assigned to you properly by the selling agent, the names and address must be similar to the ones you are presenting. In case there is a lien on the mobile home, you are expected to provide the address and name of the lien holder as well as the date o the lien.

It is worth noting that generally, no sales tax is required on mobile homes if the purchase and sale was between two individuals. However, if the home is new then you will be expected to provide a dealer sales tax number. The sales tax is usually calculated according to the selling price, depending on the state, a $ 300 cap can be applied if the unit you have purchased is energy efficient.

If you are applying for a title on a repossessed manufactured or mobile home then you must have an application for certificate of title or registration in the name of the new owner, also have an acceptable and legal identification as well as fully completed repossession affidavit.

It is worth mentioning that if the title has been retired on a manufactured or mobile home and that home will now henceforth be attached to real property in the new location, then as a new owner, you don’t need to get a new title. All you need to do as the buyer of the new home is to file what is known as a manufactured home severance affidavit with either the clerk of court or registrar of deeds in the counties from which the manufactured home is being moved as well as where it is going to be located.. You should also attach a tax receipt that indicates that all the taxes for the current year have been fully paid. In the event that there are no taxes owed on the property, then the registering body will accept a letter on the counties treasurer’s letterhead stating that there are no taxes owed.

Make sure the lien is released as well or alternatively, the lien holder must consent to transfer the lien to the new home owner. A lien release must be provided for each lien recorded on the title. In the event that the lien is not fully released on the title, an attorney will be required to record a satisfaction of lien affidavit in the county where the new home is located provided proof of payment can be availed. If due to one reason or the other there is still a lien when the title is being retired, then one must file what is known as a manufactured home lien affidavit with the clerk of court where the manufactured home is located.

Taking into consideration all the above complexities, many mobile home owners rightfully opt to engage the services of professionals to handle all their titling issues. Here are some of the popular mobile home title service companies readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) First American Title Insurance Company

Mailing Address: 1 First American Way, Santa Ana, California 92707

Phone Numbers: 1-866-762-3369

Web URL:

Other programs: the company does offer its clients extensive variety of production and performance related reporting. They also offer REO monitoring and processing, foreclosure monitoring, real time information status as well as re-purchase review.

2) Santa Fe Title Company

Mailing Address: 515 Don Gasper Ave. Santa Fe New Mexico 87505

Phone Numbers: 505-819-0000

Web URL:

Other programs: the company does offer escrow services, closing services, property searches, document recording, preliminary title reports as well as title insurance. Making it a one stop shop for all your mobile title needs and requirements.

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