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Mobile Home Wall Ovens - Great Alternative To The Range

Wall ovens are a great alternative to the traditional range unit and are designed to provide an excellent fit in most kitchens. They tend to offer some tremendous placement versatility and most of them can thus be used in mobile homes which tend to have smaller kitchens. When choosing one, there are several factors one has to take into consideration. First, one has to consider whether he or she wants to go for a gas or electric powered units, keep in mind that electric wall oven require a 230/240V connection and the price of electricity does determine the cost of operating it, on the other hand, there are fewer units of gas units available and the units must be vented outside.

It is also important to choose the heating type, even though most use the standard thermal heating technology, one can also choose convection and microwave cooking ovens with some units even combining the cooking technologies for added versatility. Even though convection cooking can prepare food faster, the fan can take lots of space.

Other features you need to take into consideration is the availability of accurate preheat function and delayed start which allows you to program your oven to start cooking even when you are not home. If you have children at home, safety locks are very important. It is also recommended that you get a unit with electronic controls for maximum effectiveness and a hidden bake element which makes the bottom of the oven easy to clean. When possible, always opt for the steam oven function, it combines standard thermal cooking with steaming power to heat foods thoroughly.

Here are some mobile home wall ovens readily available in the market, they include but are not limited to the following:

Mobile Wall Ovens - Product Examples


1) Product Name: Maytag Double Electric Wall Oven

Product Price: $ 628.20

Product URL:

Product Details: measuring a paltry 24 inches in width, the wall oven is a perfect fit for many replacement needs, it has a 2.4 cu.ft. Lower oven which allows users to cook multiple dishes at a go. For easy access, the broiler is located in the top of the upper oven cavity. Its precision cooking system does ensure even baking while the upper oven control lockout function does disable the control panel so as to avoid any unintended use. For easy kitchen clean up, the wall oven does have an adjustable self cleaning upper oven while the interior lighting makes it very easy to see your food as you make it. The frameless glass front oven does work well with most kitchen designs while the oven windows allow users to check the progress of the oven without opening any of the doors.  

2) Product Name: KitchenAid Architect Series Single Electric Wall Oven

Product Price: $ 1348.20

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit easily fits in space of most standard cabinets, making it quite ideal for mobile home which tend to have small kitchens. It does feature a true convection system with lots of premium features such as the EasyConvect Conversion system and the Convect Full meal options which let you choose from a total of 11 preset cooking cycles. The electronic controls make the oven very easy to use whereas the left to right display makes it very easy to control virtually all oven functions. The hidden bake element is well positioned below the oven floor: this creates a smooth surface which makes it easy to clean spills.

3) Product Name: GE Single Gas Wall Oven

Product Price: $ 1529.10

Product URL:

Product Details: fitted with one touch electronic pads, the electronic oven controls are easy to use. The self cleaning oven does conveniently clean the oven cavity without necessarily scrubbing while the standard window provides a very convenient viewing space for checking the progress of food. The two oven racks feature some very durable construction, making it easy to accommodate any size of cookware or any type of food, its multiple oven rack positions do deliver flexibility, allowing consumers to make the most of the available oven and cooking capacity. With its frameless glass oven door, the unit is easy to clean and the stylish design does blend in pretty well with any other kitchen décor.

4) Product Name: GE Single Electric Wall Oven (24 Inches)

Product Price: $ 989.10

Product URL:

Product Details: this 2.7 cu. Ft oven capacity unit does provide users with ample room to cook several entrees at the same time. Their delay/time bake option allows users to program the oven to start cooking at a particular time. It is also fitted with safety locks which help in preventing any unauthorized or unintentional use for additional safety. Its oven light does brightly and conveniently illuminates the interior of the oven and the stainless steel finish does provide users with a sleek and sophisticated look which complements any kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who invented the wall oven?

A. Kitchen appliance should be both convenient and also successful in fulfilling the customer’s needs. The innovation of the above item brought exactly that. This device was invented by a classic appliance brand by the name Thermador in 1955. It is an invention that has brought many changes in today’s kitchen. Thermador is known for its many creations of kitchen appliances. The origination of this machine brought to the people the advantage and freedom that was readily welcome by those who love cooking nationwide.

Q. What makes a wall oven ADA compliant?

A. A good innovation should accommodate people of all kinds. Those with disabilities and those without should all feel comfortable using the machine. Most people having physical limitations want to make themselves and their relatives comfortable in their homes. A cooperative oven should be placed not so high on the wall; A place where a person of any age can get access. The controls and operating mechanisms should not require too much force while grasping or twisting. The controls must be on the front panel on either side of the door.

Q. Where can a homeowner buy a wall oven cabinet?

A. A wall oven cabinet can come in many dimensions depending on tastes and preferences of the person buying. There are different things to look for before purchasing items and cabinets for ovens is no exception. Ranging from size, color, and much more, it all depends on the buyer. Some customers prefer to order online while others like to visit the oven shops or stores so they can purchase. Many online stores sell this item and deliver them to your home. It is suitable for those customers with a busy schedule or those that don’t necessarily need to visit the shops. Alternatively one can visit the oven cabinet store and get to choose their prefered oven for their home.

Q. What is the best wall oven microwave combo?

A. Microwave combo is an oven combination used to heat food evenly. The items differ in size, shape, and model. Various factors are looked into when purchasing a combo; heating elements and temperature settings of the two ovens, self-cleaning options, quick to heat, able to keep the food warm for long, simple to suit into the wall cutout. Below are the best top four; whirlpool WOC54EC0A, Frigidaire Galley Series FGM2765P, GE Profile PT7800XH, Bosch 800 Series HBL8751UC.

Q. Who makes the quietest wall oven?

A. customer needs a machine that will deliver high-quality results and satisfy the needs required of it. When it comes to choosing an oven, there are certain things to put into consideration. Those items priced low are often of poor quality and not consumer report tested while the ones with high price tags are of best quality and tested to the standard. Things like size, electric or gas, the design, capacity, and features should always come into consideration in choosing the best ovens. Based on brand and reliability, the top companies with the best appliances in this section include; Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Electrolux, Viking, Wolf, and more.

Q. How can a wall oven door be removed?

A. A person will at one point want to remove the oven door for one reason or the other. Some do it to clean the machine while others do it when there is breakage, and they need to replace the door. It’s important to note that different models and brands have different hinges. The steps below show how to remove oven door.

- Before removing the oven door, prepare a flat surface on which to place it.
- Locate the door hinge locks on both corners of the oven.
- Rotate or flip up hinge lock completely toward the oven door to an unlocked position.
- Slightly close the door to engage door latch locks. The door will stop at this point.
- Grasp the edges of the oven door with two hands, lift and pull it towards you and remove.
- Put the oven door on the prepared, covered surface.
- The door should rest on its handle for safety reasons.

Q. Where can a wall oven be donated?

A. A used or new oven can be given out as a donation in any of the many donation centers worldwide. Sometimes you may need to renovate your kitchen and buy new stuff, or you may want to shift to a new house. If you don’t need it then sure somebody else will. A donation is always a good gesture of care.

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