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Important Tips About Mobile Home Water Heater Access Doors And Other Accessories

Picking the best and most efficient water heater is an important and time consuming exercise. For most homeowners, the three main things that they consider when buying a water heater is the fuel type, the storage type and the available space for the unit. With energy efficient models and new technology available, water heaters are no longer limited to the traditional gas and electric options. For electric options, the sizes range between 10 gallons to 70 gallons and are the least expensive, for the gas options, the sizes range between 30 gallons to 70+ gallons, the heat pump or hybrid options sizes range between 40 gallons to 70+ gallons whereas the solar options which are more expensive on the front end have sizes starting from 34 gallons to 70+ gallons.

For mobile homes, space is usually a problem and it is therefore very important for any homeowner to get the dimensions of the space where the water heater is going to reside and make sure there is space for future growth. This is important because in case your hot water use increases, getting an upgrade to a larger tank size may be difficult as you may be forced to run plumbing to a different area where the larger unit will fit. You should also determine the width and the height so as to ensure that there is adequate space available for installation.

To improve the general safety and efficiency of your water heater, there are numerous accessories one should purchase or plan to buy. One of the key accessories is a water heater stand which raises gas units off the ground and reduces the risk of fire in the event of any flammable liquid spill around the unit. It is also important to get water heater pans which are placed under the heater and collects water from overflows and leaks caused by excess pressure in the tank. Such pans usually have an opening in the side for a drain hose which is used to carry away any water that overflows.

Water alarms are usually placed either in the pan beside the heater or on the floor. In the event that there is a leak or overflow, the alarm will sense the dropping liquid and give the homeowner an audio alert, signaling the presence of a problem. There are also tank expanders which are plumbed onto the water heater and are designed to hold some extra volume of water that can be produced when cold water is getting heated in the tank. There are also pressure regulators which are typically connected to the outlet side of the water heater so as to prevent instances of the water pressure exceeding the safety preset limits as the it leaves the tank. The regulation of this pressure is very important because it does protect the interior pipes from bursting or leaking due to the pressure surges in the system.

Timers are normally wires into the electrical supply of the unit and can be set in such a way that the water heater is only allowed to draw electricity at specific periods. To reinforce the insulating ability of the unit, one can also opt for insulating heater water heater blankets. These are ideal for heaters which are in unheated spaces.

Access doors are also a very important accessory as they secure the heater and minimize unwanted access to the unit. The doors can be made of a variety of materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. The doors are usually available in either standard door or flush mount door with the exterior treated so as to give the unit some extra chip resistance. With so many accessories in the market, here are some of the popular mobile home water heater access doors readily available.

Mobile Home Water Heater Access Doors - Product Examples

1) Product Name: Suburban RV Water heater door

Product Price: $ 42.98

Product URL:

Product Details: made of corrosion resistant steel, they are available either as flush mount or standard doors. They are finished with tough baked enamel for that extra chip resistance. They are both easy to install with flush mount doors being pulled tight against the sidewall and the standard doors being installed without bending flanges.

2) Product Name: 22 by 60 white water heater door

Product Price: $ 109.95

Product URL:

Product Details: the door has a welded frame for strength and is made of metal exterior panel. It is ideal for both gas and electric heaters. It is easy to install and long lasting.

3) Product Name: RV water heater door for ATWOOD

Product Price: $ 22.15

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit is made of stainless steel and is easy to install. Available for both the 6 and 10 gallon option.

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