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Mobile Home Water Heater Options: Lower Your Energy Bill With The Right Water Heater

In most homes, water heating amounts to at least twenty percent of energy costs. Fortunately, water heaters are getting more efficient. As a result of new efficiency standards from the Department of Energy, small water heaters, typically less than 55 gallons now have a modest efficiency boost of about four percent. Larger water heaters with more than 55 gallons capacity on the other hand now offer more efficiency. Depending on the technology deployed, such heaters can reduce your utility bills by anything between twenty five and fifty percent. In this regard, it is important to carefully choose your water heater of choice. Here is how to carefully peruse the available mobile home water heater options.

Mobile Home Water Heater Options - Shopping Tips

The first thing you need to consider is the capacity of the unit. Most water heaters are usually sold on the basis of how many gallons of water they hold. The best thing to do though is to consider the FHR (first hour rating) for storage tank water heaters as well as the GPM (gallons per minute rating) for tankless water heaters. This is important because it tells you how much hot water your heater can deliver over a certain period. If you are replacing your heater, it is also important to note that the new heater may not necessarily fit where your old one was, this is mainly because of other efficiency improvements and insulation, some newer models may also be taller or wider than your old heater and you should therefore seek professional advice about the sizing before you make a purchase.

Depending on how much hot water you use at home and the mode of heating water, be it electricity, oil or gas; the market is awash with options. These include the storage tank, the on-demand or tankless, the heat pump or hybrid, Solar and condensing water heaters. The storage tank is the most common and is available either as an electrical or natural gas model. Tankless water heaters don’t store water but rather use heating coils to heat the water as needed. They are more energy efficient and are more ideal for homes that use natural gas to heat water. The hybrid versions are not so common, they work by capturing heat from surrounding air and transfer the same to the water. These units generally use about sixty percent less energy than standard electric heaters. The main disadvantage is that they don’t work very well in cold areas and need to be placed in areas that stay between forty and ninety degrees Fahrenheit all year round. Condensing water heaters are a good option if you use gas and have a large capacity heater that’s larger than 55 gallons. Solar heaters offer stellar savings in summer, making them an ideal option for sunny warm regions. The savings though suffer on cloudy and cold days when the process stops of slows considerably.

There are also some important features one should take into consideration such as whether to opt for a glass lined tank or not. A glass lined tank is designed to reduce corrosion and makes the unit more durable. It is also advisable to opt for units that have brass drain valves rather than plastic valves since they tend to be more durable. To easily help you monitor levels and customize operations of the unit, go for a unit that has a digital display, is easy to operate and even allows you to put the unit on a vacation mode.

Here are some of the popular mobile home water heater options readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

Mobile Home Water Heater Options - Product Examples

1) Product Name: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Indoor Water Heaters

Product Price: $ 349.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/KL5p9X

Product Details: this unit delivers up to three gallons per minute of piping hot water. It does also feature a true 0.5 NPT water fittings. The unit is ideal for smaller homes, cottages and mobile homes. It does include a horizontal stainless steel vent kit and does also feature a manual water temperature control.

2) Product Name: Rheem Tankless Electric Water Heater

Product Price: $ 5,100.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/DXnTU7

Product Details: this is a point of use unit with a 5 GPM max flow rate and d provides virtually endless hot water to the homeowner. The unit is also very compact and can thus fit almost anywhere. It is easy to install and features standard 0.5 inches water connections and a copper/brass heat exchanger as well as temperature control.

3) Product Name: Kenmore 40 Gal Natural Gas Water Heater

Product Price: $ 476.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/gc0XYl

Product Details: this unit is energy efficient and is fitted with foam insulation and also has a cobalt blue glass lined tank that protects the tank against corrosion. The unit also has a self cleaning cold water inlet tube that protects the unit against mineral build-up.

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