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Solid Dark Oak Kitchen Chairs: Popular Styles Of And How To Choose

Whether it’s your kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom, the kind of furniture you choose to place in your home can speak volumes about your taste. You will also want to go for something that will match the rest of your room décor and stand the test of time. As far as the kitchen and chairs are concerned, some of the most important things to consider when choosing your chairs include the material of construction as well as the design and finish. There are, of course, many options to consider when it comes to material and finishes. Some of the most common options include wood, metal, vinyl, and upholstery, among others. However, solid dark oak kitchen chairs are increasingly becoming a popular option for most homeowners. In addition to being elegant, they are created to give a sturdy structure, and can easily be picked to complement the rest of your home’s décor. They are also easy to maintain and provide a great variety of options when it comes to styles. Below are the most common styles of dark oak solid wood chairs and other things to consider when choosing a style that will work best for your kitchen.

Benefits of Dark Oak Chairs

Before we jump into the commonly available styles of solid wood dark oak chairs, it is important to know the advantages of going for dark oak as your choice of wood or construction material. In a nutshell, chairs constructed from Dark Oak are aesthetically appealing, durable, and have many staining options. Dark Oak is a hardwood, meaning that chairs made from this wood are durable and easy to maintain. The material is also readily available. In summary, below are the advantages of solid dark oak kitchen chairs.

• Aesthetically Pleasing
• Many Stain Options
• Durable
• Readily Available

Now to the popular styles!

Styles of Kitchen Chairs

1. Formal Dark Oak Chairs

From Chippendale to Queen Anne, there are lots of options to choose from if you have a formal dining set in your kitchen. Chippendales features a high back that is elaborately curved, with the legs curving as well. Queen Anne chairs feature a high urn-shaped back that provides classical comfort. Shield-back and lyre are also other popular formal kitchen chairs that are made from dark oak. The rule of thumb is; most formal chairs measure 41 to 48 inches long and have an upholstered seat for a formal look.

2. Country

Most country style chairs often feature a caned or woven rush seat. They mostly measure 36 - 41 inches tall. Some common country styles include the following:
• Ladder-back: they are sometimes known as shaker chairs and feature a straight tall back with horizontal slats.
• Windsor: In Windsor chairs, the back is bowed, with spindles that drive into the seat. The legs are also spindled.
• Hitchcock: The back has a horizontal slat at the center. The legs are turned-spindle.

3. Casual

Wheat back chairs are a good example of casual kitchen chairs. They feature a back with slats driving into the seat. The name wheat comes from the fact that they have a horizontal bar or slat at the middle that draws them inward. They are suitable for casual dining sets.

4. Contemporary

If you have modern décor in your home, contemporary solid dark oak kitchen chairs can be a great option for you. The design features an armless chair with the backrests having geometric cutouts. It can also have a rounded seat and open backs. Most of them are less than 38 inches tall.

5. Retro

Retro is a popular kitchen chair style that features an open back, which is normally topped with an oval or rectangular back piece or splat. Vinyl and upholstered options are also available with a variety of finishes. Retro chairs measure between 31 and 33 inches tall.

Other Considerations When Choosing Dark Oak Kitchen Chairs

Now that you have the various style options in mind, it is important to know some of the other crucial factors to consider when choosing your oak kitchen chairs. Your chair should be easy to keep clean and maintain. It should also not be too heavy to lift since that would mean that the wood wasn’t properly seasoned. You will also want to consider picking an option that suits your budget and bear in mind that expensive is not always better. In this case, you will have to conduct research on some of the best places to buy solid dark oak kitchen chairs and do your comparisons before picking a vendor, retailer, or manufacturer.

Product Examples

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