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Gain Some Extra Kitchen Space With A Standalone Pantry Cabinet

Remodeling a kitchen is without doubt an expensive venture. A kitchen cabinet is one of the largest components in your kitchen and it is therefore important to be more vigilant when choosing one because they tend to be more pricy and also occupy lots of space as well. Here are some important factors that you need to take into consideration.

Stand Alone Kitchen Pantry Cabinets - Considerations

Your budget will to a large extent determine the kind of cabinet you are going to buy. The trick is to determine a dollar range that you are comfortable spending then try and get the cabinets that fall within that particular range. You should then proceed to evaluate your available space. In the event that you have a box –shape kitchen then you can be able to work with most cabinets, If your kitchen is odd-shaped then extra care will be required when choosing your cabinet, this is especially so if your kitchen does contain lots of crannies and nooks. Such kitchens tend to restrict you to custom made cabinets which are more expensive. When choosing, you should also take into consideration the amount of time that you have in your hands, stock cabinets can be found immediately whereas custom cabinets usually take months if not weeks to construct and deliver.

When choosing your cabinet, you should also check on the construction. The two most common constructions are the framed and frameless. A framed construction does feature a frame around the front edge of the cabinet which shows around the edges of the door. The hinges of the door are usually mounted to the frame. Made from the same material as the door, such frames help in keeping the cabinet all square. On the other hand, frameless cabinets are devoid of the frame around the front of the cabinet. The hinges are screwed onto the sides of the cabinet with the door covering the front of the cabinet. They present a seamless, smooth cabinet front and typically provide a contemporary modern look.

Depending on your budget, there is a cabinet for everyone. Basic stand alone pantry cabinets are the most inexpensive. They are readily available in home centers and are sold either as unfinished, finished ready to assemble or assembled units. The style options for this type of cabinet are quite limited and are typically sold in different dimensions which are measured out in three inch increments. Midlevel cabinets are also available in home centers and come with a wide variety of storage components, door styles and accessories such as valances. These units typically have to be pre-ordered and the measurements also follow the three inch increment mode.

At the very top of the price range, there are custom cabinets which come with almost any available accessory . They are also made using some very rare and unique wood and measured in dimensions which can be broken down even to ¼ inch increments as the client may demand. These cabinets are generally made using the best available materials and are designed for specific kitchens. The materials used determine the pricing and because of this, the price points can vary wildly depending on its size and materials used.

Product Examples

Here are some of the most popular stand alone kitchen pantry cabinets readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Crosley Parsons Pantry

Product Price: $ 519.00

Product URL:

Product Details: built to last using hardwood, this pantry is without doubt a welcome addition to your kitchen. With a solid wood and veneer construction, the unit is available in a variety of colors to match any décor. The drawers are typically mounted on full extension glides for ease of use and durability as well.

2) Product Name: Hampton Pantry Cabinet (18 by 90 by 24)

Product Price: $ 369.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit adds beauty and warmth to your kitchen design. Its adjustable shelf design does ensure that you maximize storage space whereas the composite case construction does offer strength and durability. The framed construction with its encapsulated panels does give the cabinet a very solid and traditional look. It has a rich finish and adjustable hinges which are self closing and hidden from easy view.

3) Product Name: Lausanne Pantry Cabinet

Product Price: $ 192.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a thermoplastic cabinet that’s easy to maintain, it does feature easier access than other traditional framed cabinets and is easy to assemble. It has a very high quality cam and dowel construction and is fitted with clip on European style hinges. Its strong and adjustable plastic legs make installation very easy.

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