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Washer And Dryer Bundles: Shopping Guide

Washers and dryers are without doubt must have manufactured home appliances. Unfortunately though, the fact that they are a necessity in many households doesn’t make them easy to shop for. As is with most large appliances currently in the market, dryers and washers come with different extras and features as well as different models. In this regard, choosing the correct washer-dryer combination can be a daunting task even for the most adept shoppers. However, by undertaking some little homework on current washer-dryer combinations as well as taking into consideration some vital tips, getting a washer and dryer combination that’s ideal for your home and right for your budget should not be so difficult.

Washer And Dryer Bundles - Shopping Process

The first thing you need to do is to determine the price range you are comfortable with. How much you are willing to pay will either rule out a whole lot of models or take you up the scale. You should therefore get a price point that’s comfortable for you and will also give you a good unit. It is important to strike a balance in this regard because there is no need of straining your finances to get an expensive unit if you can’t afford it and at the same time, going for very cheap versions is quite expensive since they are not only unreliable but are also quite unstable. It is highly recommended that you do some basic online research so as to get a rough idea of how much the units cost.

You should also make a decision on how you are going to use the washer dryer bundle. This is very important because it may end up being the biggest deciding factor regarding which set you purchase. If you wash huge loads of laundry on a daily basis then you are better off buying a large-capacity washer. With such an option, you should go for a front loader since they tend to have the largest capacities. You should also get a matching dryer. Also, if you have lots of laundry then you need to get an energy efficient unit since you will most likely use lots of water and electricity. On the other hand, if you do very little or minimal laundry then you should opt for a stacked washer dryer bundle or a compact washer and dryer so as to not only save you on space but also use the appliance effectively and efficiently.

When making your choice and looking at the price tags, it is also important to take into consideration the shipping cost of the appliance. This is especially so if you are buying a large or big unit. Depending on where you intend to buy your unit and your current location, you can be charged some large amounts of money just for shipping. It is important to do your calculations right and add up both the buying price and shipping cost before making the purchase. You may find that it is cheaper to get a unit from your nearest retailer in the long run. Alternatively, do some research and see if you can find a retailer who is offering low shipping rates on such large appliances, this can save you a wad of cash.

Before you make you purchase, it is recommended that you read some reviews, both positive and negative about the model or brand that you are keen on purchasing. This will give you an objective view on the product as you will find clients who are pro or anti the product. Simple complaints or compliments such as the ease of using the control panel, the noise level of the dryers cycle or its energy efficiency can help you make a more informed decision on which model to purchase.

Here are some of the popular washer and dryer bundles readily available in the market.

Washer And Dryer Bundles - Examples

1) Product Name: GE 4.5 Cu.Ft. Front Load Washer & 8.1 Cu.Ft Dryer Bundle

Product Price: $ 2489.00

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit is quiet and uses minimum amount of water while deep cleaning your clothes and removing all stubborn stains. With its power clean cycle which includes a built in soak time for loosening grime and dirt, this is without doubt a powerful unit to buy.

2) Product Name: Kenmore 3.9 Cu.Ft Front Load Washer & 7.0 Cu. Ft Dryer Bundle

Product Price: $ 1149.98

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit does deliver superior efficiency, capacity, cleaning and fabric care. The unit is also equipped with waterfall baffles that scoop detergent.

3) Product Name: Whirlpool 5.3 cu.ft Cabrio Washer & 8.8 cu.ft Dryer

Product Price: $ 2157.98

Product URL:

Product Details: with this washer, you can customize all your laundry settings with a simple touch of the button. This does lead to better fabric care and energy savings.


Washer And Dryer Bundles - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which washer and dryer brand is the best?

A: There are many washers/ dryers in the market, knowing the best one to go for will save you time and money. The Kenmore's washer and dryer is among the best out there. It has eight diverse of wash cycles. You'll get a lot of utilization out of its express cycle, which is awesome for tenderly worn clothes that simply need a fast revive.

Another great brand is Electrolux's washer and dryer - very great for its hardcore stain removal power. This Energy Star powerful clothes washer has genuine stain battling power that ought not to be neglected. It likewise utilizes steam to help lift all sorts of dirt out of your apparel and clothes, and it has a capable 15-minute cycle for those fast wash snapshots of edginess.

Q: Which front load washer and dryer is the best?

A: Samsung has some of the best front load washer and dryer. With an inside limit of 5 cubic feet, this is a major front load washer. This implies you can do some number of laundry since you can put impressively more things into it for each wash cycle and still have enough room inside for your clothes to get completely cleaned. It accompanies fantastic and efficient components, for example, it has a Super Speed wash cycle, which gives you a chance to wash a full load in 30 minutes, and also includes an AddWash, a little entryway that allows you to rapidly put in some shorts and others while the wash is in progress. It additionally accompanies innovation to profoundly cleanse foam fabrics and a steam wash work in order to make your cloth fresh and clean.

Q: What is a washer and dryer pedestal?

A: A clothing pedestal is an embellishment that goes underneath your front load washer or dryer.

Laundry pedestals are particularly made for front load machines, which require more bending for its operation. They ordinarily stands a washer by seven to fifteen inches. A good laundry pedestal needs a strong structure and must be able to balance the low door height of a washer/dryer machine. Having additional height when using the washing machine is important.

Q: Are washer and dryer warranties worth it?

A: Winning astuteness proposes that you avoid service warranties as a general rule. The basis for this is that most new machines will fail the maker's guarantee if there is any assembling deformity, and can last quite for a while on the off chance that they endure for the first year. There is another reason, and that will be on the administration call, while not economical, is typically far much as compared to the cost of the maintenance warranties.

A service contract might be legitimized on the off chance that you are doing an exceptionally high number of loads, which is not only a great deal but rather into the domain where maybe utilized in a business unit is a choice.

Q: Which washer and dryer are stackable?

A: Kenmore Elite 41682 front-loader as well as the Kenmore Elite dryer. This front-loader takes about 75 minutes, utilizing ordinary wash overwhelming soil setting. You'll spare time utilizing the typical soil setting, and attempt the Accela Wash choice. It trimmed around 15 to 20 minutes, washing 8-pound stack, without influencing cleaning. Water and vitality proficiency will be radiant. Vibration wasn't an a big deal. There are about ten cycles, and a capacity of about 4.5 cubic feet.

Q: Which washer and dryer is the quietest?

A: With a fast 15-minute wash, the Samsung WD906U4SAGD is among the speediest washer and dryer available - giving a super eco wash. Also, there are additionally two air wash cycles for either deodorisation or purification.

Q: What is a steam washer and dryer?

A: A steam washer extricates dirt and removes the need to pre-treat a cloth. They are exceptionally compelling at evacuating allergens and cleansing buildup. A steam dryer is the normal dryer with a steam highlight. The cloth dryer warm the air around the coursing garments.

Typically, a steam clothes washer utilize less water and energy than front loading machines.

Q: How can one clean the washer and dryer?

A: Try this: Configure your washer to the longest, most blazing wash setting, including two glasses of vinegar and a quarter-measure of heating pop, then start the cycle. When the cycle is finished, clean the drum within with some water and wipe. Let it dry, and you'll be good for no less than one month.

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