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Whole House Air Fresheners And How To Choose A Good One For Your Mobile Home

Household odors can truly be disturbing and embarrassing to some point when they get hard to eliminate using the regular ventilation systems. At times, some odors can be unpleasantly unbearable to the point that they affect the comfort levels in your mobile home or conventional living space. Some of the most common sources of in-house odors people come across include carpets, shoes, drapes, pets, furniture, beddings, kitchen leftovers, garbage disposal, and dirty laundry, among many other sources. If one of the residents smokes inside the house, this can be another seemingly irritating odor to some people. Well, one of the ways you can get rid of or reduce the impact made by such smells is by use of whole house air fresheners. These are available in a wider range of varieties, included scented options, fragrance-free variants, and dual-purpose air fresheners. As a matter of fact, some air fresheners come with disinfectant compounds, thereby ensuring an odor-free and septic environment free from disease-causing organisms such as molds and bacteria. Below are a few things you should understand about whole house air fresheners, including the major options available, their benefits, drawbacks, and things to consider when choosing one for your home.

Whole House Air Fresheners - Benefits

In addition to masking or getting rid of bad odors from the indoor air, air fresheners have some additional benefits depending on type and form. Some of these include disinfection and sanitization, and improvement of positivity in the environment. Some air fresheners also contain ingredients such as cinnamon, which are best known as appetite suppressors and effective agents in soothing the nerves for stress relief.

Things to Consider Choosing an Air Freshener

1. Air Fresheners Types

Some of the most commonly available types of air fresheners include sprays, gels, potpourris, plug-ins, scented candles, dhoop sticks, and reed diffusers. These also exist in many different options in terms of style, scents, sizes, and designs. Sprays are mostly designed to neutralize or cover up the odors, with some options available for sanitizing the room. Plug-ins, are based on electronic waves and require an electric power source or socket. As for potpourris, these are mostly a combination of dried scented materials for air purification. Gels feature a jellylike material that releases a certain scent into the environment when it comes into contact with the indoor air. Scented candles are ideally used during romantic encounters and release a pleasant aroma into the air as the candle wax melts. As for reed diffusers, there are based on fragrant oils in a vase or bottle, with a thin reed made from bamboo or a similar material acting as a wick to spread the fragrance towards various directions in the house. Dhoop sticks comprise of dried, fragrant material, which is lit and slowly burns, releasing a particular scent into the air to mask any annoying odor in the entire room. However, dhoop sticks are also used by some people for certain religious or superstitious beliefs and purposes.

2. Main Purpose

When buying an air freshener for the whole of your house, you would want to think about the purpose of the product. Are you looking for one that will mask unpleasant odors or are you after something that will just bring a smell more pleasant and enjoyable? If you’re trying to overpower a pleasant smell temporarily, a strongly scented air freshener can be ideal. However, a lighter option may be more advisable for the later purpose of introducing an enjoyable aroma into the environment. You would also want to consider scented candles if you are trying to create a romantic environment and incense if you are thinking of creating an environment that is more suitable for meditation.

3. Scent and Flavor

The other extremely important factor to consider is the flavor. Air fresheners take many different scents, including scents such as cinnamon, jasmine, vanilla, rosemary, cherry, lavender, coriander, apple, and the list is endless. Whatever scent or flavor you choose, be sure to check that it will bring out the ambiance you are looking to create in your home.

4. Pricing vs. Budget

Of course, there are many different air freshener options based on pricing, which is mainly dependent on the type of product, brand, scent, quantity, and quality. For some wall-mounted sophisticated air freshener systems that are battery powered and run automatically, you may need to invest a little bit more. Dhoop sticks are basically the most affordable air fresheners in the market, followed by gels and some types of sprays.

Product Examples

1: Filtrete Whole House Air Freshener (Linen)
• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $4.98
• Link:

2: Filter Fresh Tropical Bay Air Fresheners for Air Filters (6-Pack)
• Buy From: Home Depot
• Price: $11.88 /each
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